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Patient success stories


Kevin Gannon is a 59-year-old business executive who travels a lot for both work and recreation. In his years on the road, he’s become accustomed to seeking out the best experiences—whether it’s the perfect restaurant to take a client, a bowling tournament in a faraway city, or a great trout fishing stream. It was Kevin’s passion for pursuing great experiences that led him to travel from his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, to undergo knee replacement surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute in New Jersey. 



The saga of Adrienne Sindoni’s knee started when she was just 12 years old and suffered an injury that tore muscle and ligaments. The damage required surgery eight times over the next 20 years. With each successive procedure, scar tissue formed, arthritis developed, and Adrienne was left with debilitating knee pain and stiffness. But as a single mother of two with several jobs, she couldn’t take off eight weeks to recuperate. That's when she chose the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute.



It all started the year before her 50th wedding anniversary when Dolores Byrnes and her husband were thinking about how to celebrate their long and happy marriage. While most couples would have opted for a grand party, Dolores and her husband decided on a grand safari to see lions and tigers and elephants. But there was only one problem. Before she could take the trip, she had to do something dramatic about her continual knee pain.
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