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Patient success stories


The saga of Adrienne Sindoni’s knee started when she was just 12 years old and suffered an injury that tore muscle and ligaments. The damage required surgery eight times over the next 20 years. With each successive procedure, scar tissue formed, arthritis developed, and Adrienne was left with debilitating knee pain and stiffness.

“By the time I was 35, I couldn’t walk in the mall without limping and having my knee swell like a balloon,” says Adrienne. “Physicians told me that I needed a knee replacement, but as a single mother of two with several jobs, I couldn’t take off a lot of time to recuperate.”

Adrienne got lucky. “My mother saw an article in our local paper about Virtua orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Scott Schoifet, who pioneered minimally invasive quad-sparing knee replacement surgery in this region. I immediately made an appointment,” says Adrienne.

Enter Dr. Schoifet
Scott Schoifet, MD, medical director of The Virtua Joint Replacement Institute, explains: “Adrienne was definitely a candidate for quad-sparing knee replacement. She had been treated conservatively for years. And, her pain and loss of range of motion severely limited her ability to walk, work and enjoy life.”

Not cutting the quadriceps cuts recovery time
Rajesh Jain, MD, Virtua orthopedic surgeon, says: “The minimally invasive quad-sparing technique used for Adrienne’s total knee replacement was technically advanced. Her quadriceps tendon was not cut as it is in traditional knee replacement and, a smaller incision made. Her recovery time was fast.”

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