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Live Wisely Outside the Rules editor Holly Sleppy
escapes to Vir Tu Day Spa for
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I love the old adage: If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Because until you’re sick, perhaps seriously sick, you just don’t appreciate how PRECIOUS being healthy is.

That’s why doctors like to give you lots of healthy rules to live by – including tests, screenings and such.

But your physical health goes hand-in-hand with your mental health, and there the rules get fuzzy.

Very fuzzy.

For example: The decisions you make in your career, as a parent or even as a caregiver to an aging parent – most of those are fed by the well-meaning nuggets of advice that get passed on from generation to generation or friend to friend. But these decisions can put a heavy burden on you psychologically. The advice that’s supposed to be helpful may leave you feeling helpless, conflicted or confused.

If there’s one rule to impart that helps you find clarity when tough decisions need to made, it’s this:

You are the author of your life’s story – even if each chapter, each page, each moment is inspired or informed by the input of those around you.

So if you’re a new mom deciding on whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed, and your mom and your Internet support group are divided on THEIR beliefs, remember that one rule. Weigh the pros and cons offered up by each camp, but make the decision that’s best for you.

If you’re desperate for an escape from work stress, but afraid to leave the mountainous pile of to-dos, maybe call in a few favors from co-workers to cover what’s hot. Or maybe you should just take the break and get back to the pile on Monday. Surely the answer is in your head. Listening to it and abiding by it without fear or guilt is the challenge.

The more you own your decisions, the more you own your life, your happiness and your health.

By Holly Sleppy
Editor, Virtua Woman

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