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These knees were made for dancin’

"Grab your partner – do-see-do." For Charlie Layden, daydreaming about the Texas two-step brings him back to a time when physically, he could do just about anything. But after thousands of steps, twists, turns and grapevines, Charlie’s knees were shot. Read More...

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how we get the great photos you see in HealthSavvy? Go behind the scenes at a photo shoot of the Russ Family. Their successful weight loss story appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of HealthSavvy. 

Listen to Everyday Sound Advice on bariatric surgery:


Bathe like a princess

Kate Middleton receives a facial with products that cost more than $50,000 an ounce. (Hey, she’s a princess). But what about the rest of us? We deserve to be pampered. So Vir tú is bringing an amazing wellness and beauty spa experience to Moorestown. Soon we all will have fabuloso services that will make you seem like you’re in the South of France ... at South Jersey prices. Read more...