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Put out the fire of heartburn

You know that awful feeling -- like there is a small brush fire in your chest rising into your mouth. Heartburn is deeply unpleasant -- the burning sensation of acid from the stomach washing back up into the esophagus. It hurts bad tastes bad. This, of course, is different than other causes of heartburn: like when you arrive home after work and find your teenager’s homework undone and the breakfast dishes piled in the sink.

Follow these steps for relief

  1. Stop eating at least two to three hours before hitting the hay.

  2. Lie on your left side. Because of your anatomy, acid from your esophagus takes longer to clear when lying on your right side.

  3. Elevate your entire upper body. Go to your local bed and bath store for a wedge-shaped pillow.

  4. Avoid alcohol. It increases the production of stomach acid.

  5. For that other heartburn: Confiscate all smart phones until all homework and chores are completed.

If at any time, you are not sure whether your symptoms are heart-burn related, call your physician immediately. Click here for a list of Virtua doctors.

Now, relax and sweet dreams.