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About the Residency

Virtua Family Medicine Residency

Virtua Family Medicine Residency has been training residents in Family Medicine since the inception of the program in 1980. Since then, our program has changed in many ways, but our core mission, vision, and goals have not—we will train you to be the best family physician that you can be! Many of our graduates have stayed in the area and still to this day practice locally. Our hopes are to recruit the excellent family physicians that we train to stay within our area and provide primary care to the Virtua Community. Through our association with Virtua Medical Group, we have been able to offer employment to any resident who wants to stay in the area, thus allowing for a sense of “future job security” to those residents who have built a life in the surrounding area over their last 3 years of training and wish to stay.

Mission and Vision Statements

Virtua Family Medicine Residency will cultivate physicians who, with the patient, stand at the core of lifelong health by integrating the physical, emotional and family needs of patients. Furthermore, these physicians will be dedicated to cultivating evidence based long term learning and application to healthcare and to the education of their patients.

Serve as a “Bridge to the Future” in family medicine, by providing outstanding clinical training to all residents that results in high quality care to patients in the community.


A family physician trained in our program will show excellence in the provision of continuity of care in the office, hospital, nursing home and home, to the whole family, and at all stages of the life cycle.

Professional goals for graduates:

  • Core knowledge of primary care
  • Application and understanding of the biopsychosocial model of care
  • Experience and competency in provision of continuity of care in the hospital (including ICU), nursing home, and home setting
  • Basic level of competency in mental health diagnoses
  • Experience in provision of comprehensive care including prevention, regardless of socioeconomic or insurance status of patient and utilizing community resources
  • Effective communication skills with patients, staff, and peers
  • Competency in the business of medicine
  • Training in providing fiscally responsible care that is evidence based
  • Ability to learn lifelong
  • Ability to deal with and identify personal and professional limits and referral need
  • Understanding of how to function as patient advocate
  • Use of Information and Medical Technology to the fullest to advance and improve patient care

Behaviors expected of residents:

  • Understanding of and doing of what needs to be done for patient care
  • Balancing of personal/professional lives within the expected goals of patient care
  • Being a team player
  • Being a teacher to patients, students, the Virtua world
  • Being a role model for the profession of family practice
  • Have a professional sense of ethics which guide behaviors