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Teaching Methodology

Philosophy of the program

The Virtua Family Medicine Residency offers a unique training opportunity for residents in Southern New Jersey. As the only allopathic residency sponsored by Virtua, our residency program has an educational history dating back to 1979. You will train in the best of our hospital rotations at both Virtua Voorhees Hospital and Virtua Memorial Hospital and be assigned to our family practice center in Voorhees. Our focus is to offer each of our residents the ability to become the best family physician they can be with a practice commitment to care that evolves along with proven methodologies.

Evidence-based care has become a popular phrase in medical education. However, at our residency we have lived this approach for over 10 years, through our precepting program and our approach to clinical care. Precepting has become for us a mechanism to enable each resident to achieve their personal best through continual constructive feedback on clinical management, behavioral attitudes, and techniques for improvement. By insisting on use of evidence based care, our residents set the pattern for their long-term learning in the delivery of patient care. Combining this approach with a focus on the skills essential to the development of family physicians has allowed us to create a progressive residency focused on the future.

In our family practice center, we model real world medicine. You will learn the critical elements of the business of medicine and the success of practice development throughout your residency. You will learn to balance the resources of medicine not only through your own managed care patients, but also through the struggle to identify the resources necessary for your under-served patients.

The precepting process

Precept-Assist™ is a computerized, data-based feedback system, developed at Virtua Family Practice Residency, and used as the principal office evaluation system since 1995. When you are a resident here, preceptors will use the system to enter data about your performance immediately after the precept session. The areas in which feedback is given are structured into three categories:

Knowledge–Preceptors assess your knowledge about each of the diagnoses/problems discussed during the precept session.

Procedures–Preceptors assess your performance on procedures supervised in the office.

Competencies–Based on your individual needs, Precept-Assist presents to the preceptor a set of behavioral and attitudinal competencies unique to family practice.

One of the important results of entering formative data after each precepting session is that the feedback is available to you immediately. This means that, instead of waiting for the monthly or quarterly evaluation session to find out "how I am doing", you, as a resident at Virtua Family Practice Residency, can see your growth on a day-to-day basis. The feedback provided on-line allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses, enables you to focus your learning on areas of deficit, and assists you in concentrating on those attitudinal and behavioral competencies that you need to become the best possible family physician.