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A single incision with 100 degree visualization

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“Until recently, a cholecystectomy meant a five-inch or longer abdominal incision and up to six weeks of recovery. “Now were move a patient’s gall bladder through a single two-centimeter belly button incision,” says Keith Meslin, MD, Virtua surgeon.

“We’ve joined the single incision technique with the latest operative imaging technology: a laparoscopic scope that articulates up to 100 degrees in any direction,” explains Adam Goldstein, DO, FACS, director of minimally invasive surgery at Virtua Voorhees. This offers a significant advantage over a standard visualizing scope that only provides a visual field of up to 30 degrees.

Seth Kipnis, MD, Virtua surgeon, adds: “Patients heal faster and experience less pain than with open surgery. Just as important, we eliminate obesity related medical problems using a surgical technique that produces far less morbidity.” This is especially advantageous for patients who require large, deep incisions through thick layers of fat.

For procedures that require a larger visual field or greater internal access, such as colon resection, standard or multi-port laparoscopy is still the preferred approach where between two to six small incisions are made.

Dr. Goldstein concludes: “We always try to avoid open surgery. But for patients with infections or excessive abdominal scar tissue, laparoscopy may not be possible, and, as always, the appropriate surgical method is determined on a case-by-case basis.”