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Volunteer dental faculty creates sought-after program

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“Teaching dental residents keeps us at the top of our professional game,” explains General Practice Residency Program Director, Frank Lammerding, DMD. “You need to stay ahead of the knowledge curve so that the residents learn the latest techniques and technology and when they leave here – go out into the world prepared. Our reputation rides on it.”

This experience is greatly enhanced by Virtua’s outstanding group of generalists and specialists who volunteer their time to make it happen – an invaluable contribution. Virtua’s program is so sought after that senior dental students from across the country vie for just four slots. Dr. Lammerding observes: “The quality of our faculty is well-known, and we have to live up to these high standards year in and year out. The volunteer faculty, along with the talented dental staff, work tirelessly.”

This dedication to excellence was proven once again as Virtua’s Dental General Practice Residency was just given another five years of accreditation achievement by the Council on Dental Accreditation of The American Dental Association.