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Weighed down with health problems?

Did you know that weight loss may help protect your fertility and your ability to remember your kids’ names someday? Here are some lesser known, but big-time benefits of shedding pounds and getting healthier.

    • Prevent Alzheimer’s: Recent studies show a possible link between obesity in middle age and an increased risk of dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Help male infertility: Overweight or obese men may have a lower sperm count than those with an ideal BMI.

    • Alleviate depression: Weight gain can cause depression, and depression can contribute to weight gain; best to treat depression, and begin exercise to alleviate both conditions.

    • Avoid arthritis: Arthritis is more common among overweight people because of added weight load on joints.

    • Stop sleep apnea: Obesity puts people at greater risk for sleep apnea, an interruption in breathing during sleep which also has cardiac risks.

    • Breathe asthma-free: The risk of asthma increases with weight gain and obesity.

    • Reduce cancer risk: The National Cancer Institute notes that obesity is linked to an increased risk for breast, esophageal, pancreatic, colorectal, endometrial, kidney, thyroid, and gallbladder cancers.

    • Improve oral health: Obese patients tend to have higher levels of tooth decay and periodontal disease.