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Donna and her mom cook old world style with new world ingredients

If you grew up with a classic Italian cook, you know about pride of ingredients. So Virtua dietitian Donna Wixted knew she had to tread lightly when she dared to make healthier versions of her mom’s old world recipes. “When I became a dietitian, I realized that just a few tweaks to my mom’s great recipes could make our meals healthier.”
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Behind the Scenes

Are you beach body ready?

Gal pals Heather and Grace dust off the winter chill as they inch closer to getting their bodies ready for fun in the sun this summer. First stop: Virtua’s Fitness Center.

Virtua doc, Sam Goldenberg, MD, grew up
as a kid in a candy store

Imagine being a 10-year-old and eating all the candy you’ve ever wanted. For Sam Goldenberg, that wasn’t a dream. He’s a direct descendent of the man who created the region’s famous chocolate and roasted peanut concoction – Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.
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