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Charles Conroy

Charles Conroy loves to fish. But when his knee started giving him problems, he had a hard time keeping up with his deep sea fishing buddies. The constant rocking of the ocean were hard on his knees. Charles’ knee problem certainly wasn’t helped by the 200-pound mako shark that he reeled in.

The pain in his cartilage-free knee affected him in his daily life too. “I would hobble around at work, and people would ask if I was ok,” says Charles. “I didn’t know it was that noticeable. At that point, I knew I needed to get help.”

After extensive research, Charles found Scott Schoifet, MD, at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute. Dr. Schoifet performed quad-sparing total knee replacement on Charles. This minimally invasive surgery eliminates the need to cut the quadriceps tendon.

“Dr. Schoifet wanted me to get moving as soon as I could,” says Charles. “I was home under the care of my wife in no time. When I was ready to start physical therapy, the team at Virtua in Motion at the Washington Township Health and Wellness Center went out of their way to get me going. They focused on rebuilding the strength in my knee.”

The Virtua in Motion team stepped up to the challenge.

“I kept progressing, and the transition from one team member to the next was always seamless,” says Charles. “Even when I had asked to focus on something specific, like going down steps, the Virtua in Motion team and Dr. Schoifet could not have been more helpful in helping me achieve my goals.”

What a difference a year and a rehabbed knee can make.

“This time last year, I was in unbearable pain and limited in my daily and recreational activities,” says Charles.

Today Charles is pain-free and back in the boat, ready to battle another big catch.