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Galen Godbey, PhD

One of the key concepts I teach my Management students at Pennsylvania State University is the "wowing the customer," i.e., providing the customer with an experience that dramatically exceeds the customer's expectations.

Virtua [Joint Replacement Institute] has "wowed" this customer in the course of his treatment for a complete knee replacement.

I was impressed by the work of the marketing team that brought Virtua to my attention to the pre-surgical guidance of my nurse navigator and physician's assistant to the brilliant work of my surgeon - I have 97% flexion departing the hospital.

I also need to acknowledge the nurses and techs and other-support staff who graciously tended to my every need and the facility staff who provided a clean and attractive environment for my recuperation. Everyone performed with an air of friendly professionalism and attention to detail that they did the impossible: Make surgery a pleasure, and my stay at Virtua almost a brief vacation!

I will most definitely return for my second full knee replacement next summer, and I recommend this institution unequivocally to anyone who needs similar joint treatment.

Again, my hearty thanks for all those people on my surgical and pre- and post-op teams, and to the unseen administrative staff who advance the interests and performance of this truly fine institution on a daily basis.