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Jillian Gresko

Jillian GreskoWhen Jillian Gresko was rushed to Virtua Voorhees, on the verge of giving birth to her daughter, little else was on her mind outside of safely delivering a healthy baby. It did not take long for her stay to seem more like a trip to a hotel rather than a hospital.

Opened in May 2009, the Virtua Voorhees Hospital is a 398-bed, 680,000-square-foot state-of-the-art hospital that specializes in family-oriented care and incorporates advanced technologies and quality clinical services.

Jillian’s experience could not have been better: “Not only did I give birth to a healthy little girl, but the entire staff could not have been nicer,” says Jillian. “They were accommodation to me, my family and all my friends who came to visit.

“The staff was not the only great part of Virtua Voorhees, the facility was beautiful and the food was great too,” says Jillian. “I had family members remark that it was nicer than some hotels they had been to. That really says something about Virtua Voorhees Hospital.”