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Vicky Olson

Patient Story - Vicky OlsonVicky Olson awoke from bed in the middle of the night with excruciating stomach pain. Initially, she thought it was indigestion from Thanksgiving dinner, but this pain became worse. She rushed to the Virtua Berlin ED, where doctors discovered the source of her pain.

Vicky was diagnosed with C. diff, a bacterial infection that releases toxins into the intestines causing severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and can even produce holes in the intestines.

Thankfully for Vicky, the ED team at Virtua Berlin was a short drive away. “I was in a bed and undergoing tests within five minutes of arriving,” says Vicky. “The nurses and doctor were very helpful and kept me updated the entire time.”

The medical administered antibiotics to fight the infection: “Medications tend to make me sick, but the nurse adjusted the dosage to just the right amount,” she says. “I was very comfortable.”

When Vicky was transferred from the ED to her hospital room, her ED nurse told the floor nurse of Vicky’s sensitivity. “The nurses were amazing,” says Vicky. “They were friendly, helpful and courteous—all while working over the Thanksgiving holiday.”

The positive experience extended to her family: “The nurses also helped my daughter who is afraid of hospitals,” says Vicky. “Every single nurse was fantastic in helping to calm her while she was visiting me.”

When it came time to leave the hospital, the staff didn’t stop supporting Vicky. “I had a hard time swallowing the pills I was prescribed,” explains Vicky. “The pharmacist at Berlin not only compounded them into a liquid while I was an inpatient, but she also called my local pharmacy and walked the pharmacist through the process so I could have the liquid form at home too.”

Vicky couldn’t stop raving about her experience: “I haven’t had a vacation as relaxing as that hospital stay in quite some time!”