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Ken Tuman

Ken Tuman, like many other married men, never made his own doctor appointments. So when the time came to schedule his own, he didn’t know where to turn.

That’s when he saw the advertisement for Virtua’s Personal Health Navigation Service. “With one phone call, my navigator Stephanie helped me make the two appointments I needed,” says Ken. “And she did it in about 10 minutes.”

Not only did the navigator make the appointments, but she also helped Ken prepare. “Stephanie mailed me an appointment itinerary complete with directions, made sure that I had all of the proper paper work, and called to remind me of my appointment,” explains Ken. “Without her reminder to take the paperwork with me, I’d have forgotten it and wouldn’t have been able to have my appointment.”

For Ken, this made the process so much easier: “It’s hard for me to be organized, but Stephanie really helped me out. She made this process stress free.”
Ken was so impressed, he will definitely use Virtua’s Personal Health Navigation Service again: “I developed a personal relationship with Stephanie and will definitely call her back the next time I need to make an appointment.”

In fact, Ken gives the service five stars and would recommend it to anyone.