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Curriculum & Conferences


Night Float 2 months
Family Medicine 2 months
ER (Memorial) 1 months
Pediatrics 2 months
Obstetrics 2 months
Orthopedics 1 month
Surgery (Memorial) 1 month
Cardiology 1 month
Intensive Care Unit 2 months
Intensive Care Unit Float 2 months
Subspecialties 2 months
Surgery (Voorhees) 1 month
Geriatrics 1 month
Community Medicine 1 month
Practice Management 1 month
NICU/CARES 1 month
ER (Voorhees) 1 month
Family Medicine 2 months
Infectious Disease / Nephrology 1 month
Gynecology 1 month
Musculoskeletal 1 month
Urban Medicine 1 month
Advanced Office Skills 1 month
Pediatrics (subspecialty) 2 months

Night Float: On all night float rotations, our residents' only duty is in the hospital from 7 pm to 7 am Sunday through Thursday evening. This frees the other residents during the week, and their weekend call averages one call every four weekends.

Conferences: Our “Clinical Inquiry” Program

Wednesday mornings, in addition to “traditional” lectures, the all residents and faculty have a broad 2 hour discussion of a topic through case-based discussions focusing on the newest evidence balanced with practical applications. The cases are presented a week in advance and then discussion focuses on the evidence discovered by the residents which would drive the clinical decisions.