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Antibiotic Overkill and MRSA

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Martin Topiel, MD, Virtua's Infection Control Officer, describes Virtua's approach to MRSA infection control in the hospital: "We're attempting to achieve 100 percent compliance with gloving, gowning, equipment disinfection and hand washing in patients who require isolation.We can achieve clinical safety and excellent quality care for patients, employees and community members by scrupulously maintaining the environment and with aggressive protocols that focus on prevention.

In 2007,the state of New Jersey mandated MRSA screening for all newly admitted critical care patients, and the reporting of all hospital-acquired MRSA blood stream infections to the state. Dr.Topiel describes the situation with which hospitals throughout the country are wrestling: "Once someone is diagnosed with MRSA in the hospital, issues of isolation and treatment are critical since therapy can be difficult. We've put into place aggressive prevention protocols, MRSA monitoring and clinical safety for optimal MRSA control in all areas of the hospital and the community."

This Virtua Physician article was last updated: August 25, 2008