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Restore Calm, Balance & Energy

We offer the most advanced, proactive approach to wellness with a collection of complementary and alternative services, treatments and therapies to energize, relax, balance and heal.

Our traditional day spa treatments include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Stress relief through aromatherapy
  • Couture bath treatment
  • Skincare
  • Nailcare
Our luxurious facilities include many amenities, including private duet rooms to enjoy a service with a friend or loved one, steam and sauna rooms, free child care, and a pass to our fitness center with access to Jacuzzi, pool and exercise equipment.

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion such as a pre-wedding party, birthday or anniversary, let us make your experience unforgettable. You can also host a one-of-a-kind party at our Moorestown location that also includes a blow dry, manicure, pedicure and chair massage.

All new guests receive a 20% discount on their first visit.

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Vir tú Services


Petite Back Therapy
A mini stress reliever concentrating on the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.

25 minutes / $45

Balancing Massage
An advanced Swedish massage that uses light to medium pressure to bring your body back into balance. Stress-reducing techniques also help to alleviate tension and enhance well-being.

50 minutes / $80
80 minutes / $120

Deep Tissue Massage
A therapeutic massage using firm-to-deep targeted pressure to relieve fatigue, knotted muscles and spasms. It aids in the removal of stored toxins to help the body heal itself.

50 minutes / $100
80 minutes / $140

Hot Stone Massage
A full body melt that combines the smooth flowing strokes of a balancing massage with the heat of warm basalt stones to ease away stress and relieve physical and emotional tension.

50 minutes / $90
80 minutes / $140

The Moroccan Melt Down
Infused with Morocconoil© Hydrating Treatment Serum, this full body massage transforms even the driest skin. Antioxidant rich argan oil together with naturally replenishing botanical extracts nourish and restore skin elasticity. It leaves skin softer and noticeably healthier.

50 minutes / $135
80 minutes / $165

Maternity Massage
A prenatal massage to helps relax muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and make you feel relaxed and regenerated.

50 minutes / $85

Vir tu’ Couture Massage
This full body massage includes aromatherapy and a choice of two upgrades at no extra charge. Options include deep tissue, reflexology, Reiki, hand paraffin, hot oil scalp treatment or hot stones.

80 minutes / $150

The Moroccan Melt Down and Couture Bath
For the ultimate in skin hydration, an application of nutrient rich Moroccanoil© Hydrating Treatment Serum is gently massaged into the skin using hot stones. Enter into the couture soaking tub to allow the serum to become immersed in the skin. The result is divinely soft, supple skin. 
(Available only in Moorestown)

80 minutes / $225
110 minutes / $270

Vir tu’ Couture Bath
A soothing nectar milk soak combined with a 60- or 90-minute massage of your choice to relax the mind and unwind the body.
(Available only in Moorestown)

80 minutes / $175
110 minutes / $220

Vir tu’ Couture Bath Duet Service
Enjoy a perfect spa getaway for two that starts with a soothing side-by-side soak in our private duet spa room. Then enjoy a 60- or 90-minute massage of your choice. Choose from an assortment of bath blends, each containing benefits that nourish, moisturize, uplift and detoxify.
(Available only in Moorestown)

80 minutes / $175
110 minutes / $220

Vir tu’ Signature Couture Experience
This service begins with Moroccanoil© Hot Oil Scalp Treatment and a full body scrub with Moroccanoil© Body Buff followed by a shower. The experience continues with a 60-minute massage with Moroccanoil© Intense Hydrating Treatment applied with hot stones. The final step is a 20-minute soak and a full body application of Moroccanoil© Body Soufflé.
(Tub service in Moorestown only.)

150 minutes / $350

Massage Enhancements

Select a scent from a variety of essential oils to awaken the senses and improve the mood.


A treatment for either hands or feet to smooth and soften the skin.


Moroccan© Oil Healing Scalp Treatment
Moroccan© Oil Scalp Oil is massaged into the scalp to improve the health of the scalp, provide relaxation and perhaps, relief from headaches.


Cold Stone Contrast
Chilled marble stones are added to any deep tissue or hot stone service to reduce soreness and spasms. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, cold stone treatment can reduce inflammation and tone and tighten sore muscles.


Body Wraps & Scrubs

Sweet Retreat Scrub*
This sweet Shea sugar scrub provides sensory bliss. It is finished with a creamy Shea butter rub fragranced with mint julep and lavender notes.

50 minutes / $90

Milk and Honey Scrub*
A fine whipped honey and sea salt scrub that smoothes rough areas, stimulating your skin’s renewal. It is finished with a light massage using Sweet Cream Body Milk and a rich blend of softening oils.

50 minutes / $90

Yogurt Parfait Nourishing Wrap*
First, a Shea sugar lather is applied to micro-polish skin for a radiant awakening. Next, a thick velvety whip of honey, oat-infused yogurt and soothing white clay is painted on as you are wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets. This helps to purify pores and hydrate and tighten the skin’s surface. Finally, a citrus and vanilla scented Shea butter nourishes and seals your new dewy skin.

65 minutes / $110

Rescue Me Cactus Cooler Wrap*
Escape with a citrus grass salt scrub followed by a firming cactus wrap. You’ll be wrapped in a nest of cozy blankets and indulged with an application of Agave Nectar Oil. This wrap may help shed water weight.

65 minutes / $110

Moroccan© Buffed Body Scrub
A luxurious total body exfoliation followed with a full body moisturizing with Moroccan© Oil body products.

65 minutes / $140

*Nourishing treatments from fresh botanicals artfully crafted by Farmhouse Fresh.


Petite Facial
An express facial treatment for all skin types that leaves you feeling fresh-faced and relaxed. Your face is treated to a power cleanse, steam, masque and hydration.

25 minutes / $45

Classic Facial
A relaxing and detoxifying facial that uses nourishing nutrients to cleanse, tone and exfoliate skin with hydrating B5 serum. It is great for all skin types and leaves skin feeling renewed and refreshed.

50 minutes / $80

Sensitive Skin Facial
A gentle and nourishing cocktail of ten calming antioxidant and botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This facial helps soothe, repair, heal and comfort rosacea or problematic skin types.

50 minutes / $90

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
This treatment addresses the challenges of problematic, oily skin types. It uses a carefully balanced combination of vitamins to heal and reactivate the natural defenses of the skin and includes a clarifying clay masque and a vitamin C masque. This facial provides optimal results for all ages and is especially helpful for teenage skin.

50 minutes / $90

Anti-Aging Facial
This is a results-oriented facial that rejuvenates the skin. Along with anti-aging peels, this treatment exfoliates skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and leaves your face with a healthy, refreshed glow.

50 min / $115

Blissful (Back) Bacial
This bacial treatment cleanses and softens problematic skin areas on the back, and helps to reduce and eliminate back acne, acne scars and even out skin tone.

50 minutes / $90

Gluten Free Facial
Gluten can irritate your skin as well as your digestive system, resulting in itchy, blistering or very dry skin. This facial balances the skin with natural, gluten-free Farmhouse Fresh ingredients.

50 minutes / $90

Couture Facial
A supreme facial tailored to address your individual skincare needs. Includes a hand paraffin treatment and beautiful eye treatment to provide pure bliss and relaxation. Skin needs are assessed and products selected to accomplish the goal of radiant, firm, dewy skin.

65 minutes / $130

Cold Stone Treatment
Cold stone therapy is known for sedating the nervous system and relieving pre-migraine symptoms, inflammation and sinus pressure, and tension headaches. Marble stones are applied to the face and neck along with a therapeutic blend of traditional Swedish massage techniques. This is an enhancement treatment only.

25 minutes / $30

Facial Enhancements

Beautiful Eye Treatment
A refreshing gel treatment made with antioxidant rich blueberries to help soften fine lines and reduce puffiness.

15 minutes / $25

Healing Scalp Treatment
Based on your needs, hydrating oils are massaged into the scalp. This enhancement improves the health of the scalp and hydrates hair strands. It relaxes and may provide relief from headaches.

$40 with Moroccanoil©
$30 without

Cold Stone Treatment
Combined with facial massage techniques; chilled marble stones are added to reduce puffiness and can relieve sinus discomfort. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, cold stone treatment is known to reduce inflammation and tone and tighten sore muscles.


Salicylic Peel
A peel to help manage acne or problematic skin.


Glycolic peel
This peel minimizes fine lines, improves skin texture and fades hyperpigmentation.


Vitamin C
A treatment to even out skin tone, fade dark spots and improve skin quality for a brighter, more luminous complexion.


Manicures & Pedicures

Gel Manicure
A long-lasting gel polish that can last up to two weeks.
(Requires soak-off removal.)

30 minutes / $43

Warm Mitt Manicure
A warm mitt prepares hands for a basic manicure that includes trimmed cuticles, buffed nail and finished with a hand massage. Add your choice of polish.

30 minutes / $23

Wake Up Buttercup Manicure
Hands are prepared with Farmhouse Fresh Citrus Grass Scrub, agave nectar oil, and massaged with vanilla Shea butter. Finish it off with your choice of polish.

45 minutes / $40

Happy Hour Hydrating Manicure
First, hands are treated to Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Scrub. Honey Heel Glaze is then applied to your hands and wrapped in warm towels. Finish it off with a White Velvet Whoopie Cream massage and your choice of polish.

45 minutes / $40

Moroccanoil© Manicure
This manicure incorporates luxurious Moroccanoil© brand products. Moroccan Oil body buff scrub is applied to buff away dead skin cells. Intense hydrating treatment is applied to the hands which are wrapped in warm towels. Body soufflé is massaged into hands to soften and repair them. It’s all painted to perfection with your choice of polish.

45 minutes / $43

Polish Change (Hands)

15 minutes / $15

Vir tu Pedicure
This is an express pedicure .Nails are cut and filed. Feet are exfoliated with a gentle scrub and soaked in a warm bath. Feet and legs are massaged and finished with your choice of polish. Foot filing is not included.

30 minutes / $35

Happy Hour Hydrating Pedicure
Feet are treated to Farmhouse Fresh Citrus Grass Scrub; heels are smoothed with a Honey Glaze heel treatment then wrapped in warm towels. A White Velvet Whoopie Cream massage is next, followed by your choice of polish. Foot filing is included.

45 minutes / $50

Wake Up Buttercup Pedicure
This incorporates a Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Scrub along with a hot stone treatment. A citrus grass sea salt scrub follows, along with an Agave Nectar Oil application. Feet are wrapped in warm towels, and Vanilla Shea butter is massaged into your legs and feet. Finish with your choice of polish. Foot filing is included.

60 minutes / $60

Moroccanoil© Pedicure
Luxurious Moroccanoil© products are used throughout this pedicure. A body buff scrub is applied to remove dead cells. An intense hydrating treatment is applied and feet are wrapped in warm towels. Body Soufflé is massaged into skin to repair and soften feet and legs. Finish it off with your choice of polish.

60 minutes / $60

Polish Change (Toes)

15 minutes / $20

Nail Repair
Repair of a nail or chipped polish.


French Style
White tips.


Paraffin Treatment
An enhancement for either hands or feet which smoothes and softens skin. A warm soy-based treatment nourishes and heals dry and chapped hands and feet.



Peels are designed to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation. They remove dead cells from the surface without irritating the skin. For optimal results, repeat for six sessions or in conjunction with other treatments.

Salicylic Peel
A peel that works wonders for acne or problematic skin.

25 minutes / $90

Glycolic Peel
This peel minimizes lines, smoothes texture and fades hyperpigmentation.

25 minutes / $90

Skin Brightening Peel
A triple exfoliating peel using both manual and chemical exfoliation to leave the skin feeling rejuvenated. It combines alpha and beta hydroxy acid to exfoliate deeper levels of the skin to correct damage and hyperpigmentation. It finishes with a vitamin C mask.

25 minutes / $115

A mechanical form of peel/exfoliation that instantly sheds dead skin cells leaving skin smoother and brighter with fine lines and wrinkles softened.

25 minutes / $115

Energy Therapies

Reiki seeks to restore order to the body when life force energy has become unbalanced. A Reiki treatment brings about deep relaxation, removes energy blockages, detoxifies the system and increases the vibrational frequency of the body.

50 minutes / $75

Reiki with Chakra Balancing
This is a Reiki treatment combined with Chakra oils. Chakras are the centers of our physical body where vital energy flows and intersects. It is through Chakras that we receive, assimilate and transmit physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Their function is to vitalize the physical body. It is ideal to have all Chakra centers clear and balanced for optimal well-being.

80 minutes / $105

Reiki with Balancing Massage

80 minutes / $102

Reiki with Deep Tissue Massage

80 minutes / $130

This foot therapy is believed to restore harmony to out-of-balance organ systems due to the stress of everyday life. These stresses cause blocks in the body’s energy centers or meridians as they are known in Eastern practices. Reflexology helps to remove these blocks and increases the flow of natural energy, relieving stress and providing a renewed sense of wellbeing.

25 minutes / $45

Reflexology with Seasonal Foot Scrub
Standard reflexology therapy is coupled with an invigorating exfoliating “scrub of the season.”

50 minutes / $65

Rain Drop Therapy
A holistic blend of therapeutic essential oils lightly massaged into the spine and feet to relieve discomforts throughout the body, with special emphasis on the spine. It is believed to help balance the immune system and the body’s energy center.

90 minutes / $125

Heated Airbrush Tanning

A heated spray/mist application of Sunless Tanning Solution is applied to the desired areas of the body. It provides hydrating all-over skin renewal with benefits from caffeine and avocado oil.

Full Body $40

Face $10

Face & Upper Body $25

Legs $20


Basic Bikini From $35

French Bikini From $50

Customized (Complete) Wax From $60

Arms Half 20 | Full $40

Underarm $23

Legs Half from $40 | Full from $65

Chest From $45

Abdomen From $50

Back From $60

Lip $12

Brow Shaping $17

Lip & brow $26

Chin $12

Lip, brow & chin $38

Sideburns $20

Blow Dry Bar (Only Available at Moorestown)

For special occasions or to feel everyday great, enjoy a professional wash and blow out at our Blow Dry Bar. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are also welcome.


Add any of the following treatments: thermal, flat iron, curl, Velcro.



Private duet rooms to enjoy a service with a friend or loved one.

Steam and sauna rooms can be used after any service. Please ask our staff to arrange your preference.

Free child care, Kidz in Motion, is available for guests who receive services (up to two hours). Please ask about arranging it when you make your appointment.

Each guest receiving a service valued at $50 or more will receive a one-time complimentary pass to our fitness center with full access to Jacuzzi, pool and exercise equipment. Subsequent guest passes may be purchased for $10. Get at the fitness center desk.

Looking to celebrate a special occasion such as a pre-wedding party, birthday or anniversary? Contact our spa coordinators and let us make your experience unforgettable. Service is available for individuals, couples or groups. Host a one-of-a-kind party at our Moorestown location that also includes a blow dry, manicure, pedicure and chair massage. Call for pricing and availability.



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