Primary Care Commercials

Primary Care Commercials 2016

A Virtua primary care physician doesn’t practice a specialty, per se, but is a specialist…in you. 


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penn virtua cancer commercial

Penn Medicine and Virtua: Beating Cancer Together

Commercial spot for the Penn Medicine/Virtua co-branded cancer program which includes programs for cancer and neuroscience.

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Virtua for Women: Signs

Virtua for Women is here to help. From women's primary care and exercise and nutrition to hormone replacement and holistic treatments, we have solutions to get you back to feeling like you again.

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every step knees

Knees: Every Step

When you suffer from chronic knee pain, you start counting every step. At Virtua, we practice the most minimally invasive knee replacement technique so you could stop counting and get your life back.

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We Don't Cut the Quadriceps Tendon

We don't cut the quadriceps tendon because when it comes to getting you past chronic knee pain and on with your life, it's what we don't cut that counts.

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