The Bridge Empowerment Program: Workshops and Services

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Good Work Starts Here

The Bridge offers various interactive workshops and training sessions focused on leadership, communication, team building, anti-bullying, self-care, and more. Rather than being crisis-oriented, we help prepare and guide young people in managing the challenges, questions, and issues that arise during their teenage years and beyond. In addition, we work with parents, teachers, and other adults to help support the young people in their lives and find new levels of awareness, growth, and life satisfaction.

These relationships are the foundation of developing social-emotional strengths that support overall thriving. They can also protect youth in the face of diverse challenges such as anxiety, navigating peer and family interactions, academic stress, and more complex social dynamics, such as structural inequities in communities and society.

For too long, under-resourced families have had to figure out how to survive while facing the daily challenges of living under the oppression of those inequities and injustices. While this has also created an unfair stigma for the city and its residents, it has instilled a powerful resilience amongst our tight-knit community. 

For over four decades, The Bridge has worked side-by-side with families, their young people, and the local support community; training youth and young adults to be empathetic and confident leaders in the program, and beyond. As these young Bridge leaders grow and develop, they learn to express their powerful brilliance and become positive role models, encouraging one another and shining their light on their families, communities, and their future.

Leader Labs And Mentorship Program Info


Leadership & Empowerment Activities for Development, Enrichment, and Resiliency

The Bridge's "flagship" offering for over 40 years, our LEADER Labs are weekly empowerment sessions that are facilitated by young people and open to participants aged 13 and up.

Each week's session features a different topic, which often reflects current societal trends and events. Currently meeting via Zoom, young people run the session, and their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are used in planning interesting and interactive activities that apply to all in attendance.

Participants can attend as many or as few sessions as they like. The program is free, and there is no registration required. We ask that you join by 7:25 pm (the session starts promptly at 7:30 pm) and stay until 9 pm. Please dress comfortably and join from a quiet space, if possible.

Youth from all over the area have been coming to The Bridge's weekly empowerment sessions for over four decades, taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity to meet their peers and others from different areas and backgrounds. We hope you visit us, too!

WHEN:  Every Tuesday, 7:30 to 9 pm
AGES: 13+ (we welcome parents, guardians, and other caring adults, as well!)
COST: Free
INFO: Please call/text 856-305-3714 or email for more details, and the link.

Mentorship Program

Bridging Leaders Mentorship Program

This exciting initiative pairs Virtua Health’s Leaders with Young Adult Leaders from The Bridge’s LEADER Lab program to further support them in their personal and professional growth, through structured mentorship activities, over a 6-month period. Participants gain self-confidence while working toward specific goals and exploring desired career paths. We believe this unique collaboration between youth and young adult programs and a healthcare organization is cutting edge in developing the next generation of leaders. Are you a young person that is interested in learning more? Contact us at for more information.

Other Programming
Includes workshops, trainings, and retreats that vary in length, topic, and location, according to audience need. Contact us at for more information.


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