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5 workout problems that embarrass you

Embarrassing workout issuesWe’ve all been there: Cranking out crunches when all of a sudden … what was that noise? Yes, you just passed gas. In. Public.

This is just one embarrassing exercise issue that plagues women.  But don’t let these issues prevent you from working out. Use these insider tips shared by Matt VanLiew, certified personal trainer at the Center for HealthFitness in Washington Township, who specializes in helping women reach their health and wellness goals.

Sweating so bad you look like you had an accident

“Sweating is actually a good thing because it means you are hydrated,” says Matt. “By working hard, you’re going to sweat. Just make sure you keep drinking water and stay hydrated.”

To help prevent excessive sweating, take a break to wash your face and wipe yourself with a towel or turn on a fan. Also, you can purchase “cool gear” that’s made with special material that keeps you and your shirt drier.

You crunched so hard you peed

“It’s called stress incontinence can happen to anyone,” says Matt. “It’s caused by weak muscles in your pelvic floor.”

To prevent incontinence, there are a few things you can do. You can avoid crunches and other exercises that induce leakage and be sure to use the restroom before exercising. Physical therapy is also a strong option for treating incontinence.

You hope your neighbors’ headphones masked the toot

“Passing gas can happen more frequently depending on the exercises you’re doing,” says Matt. “Core work, step ups and crunches are a few of the exercises that can encourage passing gas.”

A few ways to avoid passing gas include eating more fiber to keep you regular, hitting the bathroom pre-workout, and avoiding big meals right before a workout.

You smell so bad even you can’t stand it

“Unfortunately some people just have more pungent body odor,” says Matt. “Deodorant and antiperspirant will help, but some may need a stronger, clinical-strength stick.” If you’re not having any luck curbing your scent, it may be time to see your doctor.

Your breasts keep going even after you’ve stopped

Large breasts can certainly be a nuisance when working out. The best way to combat this would be wearing a good sport bra. If that’s not enough, try wearing a sport top with a built-in shelf bra over your sports bra.

For those women you are brave enough to ask Matt about this topic, he always reminds them that: “Breasts are made of fatty tissue that can be reduced through certain exercises,” says Matt. “So, it may not be a big problem for long.”

No matter what your embarrassing workout issue is, don’t let it stop you from reaching your health and fitness goals. Remember, you’re not alone. And then simply face your issue head on. There’s always a solution. 

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