Meet Dr. Elizabath Levinson

Dr. Liz Levinson, a bariatrician at Virtua, introduces herself in the following video.

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What is medically supervised weight loss?

What is Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

Dr. Liz Levinson, bariatrician at Virtua, explains the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at Virtua.

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Quick Tip: The Secret Ingredient To Weight Loss

Jeanne Hendricks, dietitian with Virtua, explains the secret ingredient you can swap into some of your favorite foods that will reduce calories and fat but won't lose flavor.

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Weight-Loss Program at Virtua | Medical, Surgical, Nutrition Counseling

Virtua Weight Loss & Wellness Center

Virtua's weight-loss programs and services provides options to help you achieve your right weight and healthy lifestyle.

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