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Our Culture of We

We recognize that an organization’s true culture is defined by the behaviors of its population when the spotlight is off. That is why our Best People are recognized as the center, the heartbeat, of Virtua Health. As colleagues, we are united by our collective mission in helping our community be well, get well, and stay well. We are committed to realizing our vision as the trusted choice for personalized health care and wellness. Our culture sets us apart from others and moves our mission and vision from our hearts to our hands. 

That’s why WE are Virtua - and this is where you belong.


Our colleagues enjoy coming to work because of our caring Culture of WE. It's a culture of respect, support, continual learning, and a commitment to excellence that permeates everything we do, at every level.

It starts with our senior leadership, who are dedicated to supporting colleagues’ professional and personal growth at every step of their careers. It culminates in a vibrant and diverse setting, where multidisciplinary teams work together, every opinion matters, and everyone strives to deliver world-class care. And it gets better with each new colleague.

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An essential part of the Virtua culture is a commitment to embracing all cultures. We deeply appreciate the importance of incorporating a wide variety of personal perspectives in caring for patients. It’s why we’re able to understand the unique cultural nuances of our patients and consistently meet their medical and personal needs.

We want you to bring your perspectives and experiences to our team—to enrich our culture with yours. We want you to know that your background is appreciated and valued. To that end, the Virtua Cultural Diversity Committee—comprised of 15 system leaders—supports diversity issues throughout the organization though the following initiatives:

  • The committee works with all employees to educate and build awareness about diversity. 
  • The committee works with managers to implement diversity as part of Virtua's Best People strategy. 
  • The committee is an ongoing resource for managers in understanding and appreciating the value of diversity in the Virtua workforce.

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