Pediatric Mobile Services Program

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Care on Wheels

Virtua's Pediatric Mobile Services provides children from infancy to age six in communities throughout South Jersey with health services they need.

The fully-equipped program on wheels offers a range of services, including dental and developmental screenings, blood lead level testing, lead poisoning education, flu shots, back-to-school physicals, vision and hearing screenings, health education, community resources, and referrals to specialized services.

Call 609-304-0151 to schedule an appointment.

Calendar of Screenings and Clinics

Check out our monthly calendar to see days/times when Virtua Pediatric Mobile Services will be coming to a neighborhood near you. Please note the schedule is subject to change, and check back regularly for updates.

About the Program

Such tremendous need exists in the medically underserved areas across Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties, and our youngest residents, children from infancy to age six, often quietly suffer the most. Without access to routine exams and screenings, children with developmental delays and other health concerns are not identified early, so issues go undetected and unaddressed during a critical period of their development.

For children with limited access to nutritious foods and basic dental hygiene, it is often too late for healthy teeth by the time they get to kindergarten and see a dentist for the first time. Furthermore, children who do not receive their immunizations are not permitted to attend public school, leaving them at home for weeks and months at a time in aging houses and apartments that expose them to dangerous levels of lead.

Through a generous gift from the Joseph Lacroce Foundation, Virtua's Pediatric Mobile Services Program aims to address the health needs of children across South Jersey. The mobile program will bring pediatric services directly to those children who are living in medically underserved and impoverished urban and rural communities across Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties.

Virtua’s Pediatric Mobile Services Program team will provide a range of services, including:

  • Developmental screenings
  • Oral health education and dental screenings
  • Flu Shots
  • Lead blood level screenings
  • Lead education for healthy homes
  • Back-to-school physicals
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Community resources
  • Referrals to specialized services

The Pediatric Mobile Services Program will also equip parents with the knowledge and resources they need to help their children grow and thrive.


Collaboration with community partners is the key to our success. Thank you to our partners:


Powered by Philanthropy

This program is made possible, in part, by Virtua’s generous philanthropic partners. To make a gift, please visit

Thank you to the following supporters:

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Pediatric Mobile Services truck

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Pediatric Mobile Services child playing with blocks

Pediatric Mobile Services

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Health Facts

Contact Information

Virtua Pediatric Mobile Services

Our Team

Monica Nolasco

Program Coordinator 

Jennifer Brown


Kirsti Lim

Special Education Teacher/Developmentalist

Debbie Vickers

Dental Hygienist

Sue McCleery

Pediatric Nurse

Kimberly Vicente

Community Health Worker

Maria Emerson

Director, Rehabilitation Services