Corporate Compliance

Virtua’s mission is to help people "Be Well, Get Well and Stay Well." Part of our commitment to the communities we serve is to provide services of the highest quality, to conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards and comply with federal and state laws, regulations and Virtua’s Code of Conduct (Code).

Virtua’s Compliance Program includes a detailed code of conduct, education, risk assessments, auditing and monitoring and a compliance hotline.

Virtua’s Code of conduct is a valuable guide for ethical and proper behavior in all aspects of our business, including but not limited to our clinical areas, business operations, employees, physicians, vendors and our community.

The Compliance Hotline is a toll free phone number, 1-800-268-0502, which enables Virtua’s employees, patients or vendors to report compliance related issues or possible violations of patient privacy or confidentiality. Virtua Health also offers a web intake service, Calls and reports through the Compliance Hotline and web intake system can be anonymous, if the caller chooses.  All calls are confidential and anonymity is protected to the extent allowable by law.

Corporate Compliance Contact Information

Corporate Compliance Officer

Susan Hatch, VP Audit and Compliance
Phone: 856-355-0722
Email: or

Compliance Hotline:1-800-268-0502 (Anonymous reporting is an option)

Compliance Web (Anonymous reporting is an option)

Additional Information

Corporate Compliance Code of Conduct

Outlines the expectations for meeting rigorous standards and is intended to guide all who work at or are associated with Virtua.

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Vendor Information

Virtua has initiated a strategic supply chain model that includes direct manufacturer contracting and direct distribution opportunities.

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Compliance Policies