For Employees

COVID-19 Test Reporting Tool

Virtua Health colleagues must use this online COVID-19 Test Reporting Tool to report positive results. Because of the tool, colleagues no longer need to call the Employee Hotline and speak to the Triage Team to report a positive result.

Please utilize the tool and follow the directives it provides.

Remote connect to your applications & e-mail via The Virtua Web Portal

Virtua currently utilizes two applications for multi-factor (2-factor) authentication to protect your account and Virtua’s data. Before continuing with either application, please be sure to have your mobile device and computer accessible.

Important! To utilize self-service password reset externally, you MUST enroll your account with Microsoft Authenticator.

You will enroll your account in both applications. Begin with Entrust enrolment first, and continue to Microsoft Authenticator after.

  • Entrust Identity Mobile - Used for all externally available applications excluding Microsoft 365 apps and services.
  • Microsoft Authenticator - Used for Microsoft 365 apps and services externally including Outlook, Self-service Password Reset, OneDrive, etc.

Enroll in Entrust Identity Enterprise
To set-up 2-Factor for Entrust Identity:

  1. Download these instructions for your IOS or Android Mobile device. 
  2. Follow the instructions to set up your device.
  3. Having an issue? FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide

Enroll in Microsoft Authenticator
To set up 2-Factor for Microsoft 365 (MFA):

  1. From your computer, browse to
  2. Login using your Virtua username in this format: and enter your current password.
  3. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to configure your account for multi-factor and download the Authenticator application to your mobile device.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for Microsoft Authenticator

How 2-Factor Verification works
With multi-factor authentication, you will be required to verify your identity in two ways: with your password and with an additional method you set up. After you set up both services, your logins will follow this pattern:

  1. Enter your password. Whenever you sign in to a 2-Step protected account, you’ll enter your username and password as usual.
  2. Confirm the login. Depending on which application is currently in use, this may be entering a code texted to you, approving a push notification on your phone by tapping “confirm,” or matching a number on an app to a number on your screen. This confirms “you’re you.”

Important! Report any unexpected pushes, notifications, SMS text messages, or voice calls as these notifications may be someone trying to gain access to your account. Deny the request and report suspicious behavior by using the IT Customer Portal or calling 856-355-1234.


Quick Access Links

API Time and Attendance
Leave of Absence
Virtua Benefits Kelly Services
Virtua Learning System/VLS (access for Compliance Training)
Virtua Works (Dual-Factor Authentication Required) Review paychecks, PTO/EST balances; submit expenses; and more.
Office 365 (Dual-Factor Authentication Required)
Physician Link (Dual-Factor Authentication Required) Application Access for community users only.
IT Customer Portal (Dual-Factor Authentication Required) 


To access applications not listed above, you will need to log in to the Virtua network via Citrix. Select the instructions below that correspond with the device you will use to access the network.


Virtua Approved Software Installs


Access the Virtua Web Portal (Citrix)


Optional Virtua Mobile Applications Setup

Virtua Works Mobile Citrix Receiver for IOS Citrix Receiver for Android


Re-Enrollment Dual-Factor Authentication for Fast Connection (enrolled prior to 4/1/2019)

Mobile Android
Mobile iOS

Insurance Costs for Employees and Dependents

Please click below for information and examples of potential out-of-pocket costs for various procedures, surgeries, tests, and certain prescriptions for employees and dependents covered under the Virtua Health Insurance Plans.

Aetna Life/Coventry - Machine Readable Files