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Exploring how transformational leaders create a positive impact on the world around us.

Hosted by Dennis W. Pullin

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Dennis W. Pullin, FACHE, Virtua Health President & CEO

Recipient of two distinguished awards from the Philadelphia Business Journal — Most Admired CEO and 2019 Power 100 List — Dennis is dedicated to improving the state of health care in South Jersey.

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eHealthcare Leadership Award Winner
In it’s first season, the Here for Good podcast was recognized by eHealthcare Leadership Awards, with a silver award for best healthcare podcast for use of this unique content channel to communicate with external and internal audiences. 

Season 2

Episode 14 - Eugene A. Woods, President and CEO of Atrium Health (02.10.21)

A nationally recognized leader in health care with a passion for serving the vulnerable and underserved, Eugene A. Woods, the president and CEO of Atrium Health, may not have always known what he wanted to do, but has shown up each day as if he were always meant to do it. Gene is a lifelong musician and songwriter embodied as a career health care executive who has made a personal commitment to do his part to make the world a better place.

Host Dennis Pullin, FACHE, president and CEO of Virtua Health, kicks-off season two of Here for Good with colleague and friend Gene, addressing everything from what it means to be a leader in today's society to how to bring greater visibility to racial injustice. Tune in and discover how these two authentic leaders are committed to sparking actual change and making a difference.

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Season 1

Episode 13 - Ken Samet, FACHE, President & CEO of MedStar Health and Jack Lynch, FACHE, President & CEO of Main Line Health

In this episode of the Here for Good podcast, we talk with not just one, but two transformational leaders – Ken Samet, FACHE, president and CEO of MedStar Health and Jack Lynch, FACHE, president and CEO of Main Line Health. Like Virtua’s Dennis Pullin, Ken and Jack have had to navigate the uncertainties of 2020 while providing strong leadership for their organizations’ people and staying true to their missions to care for the community.

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Ken Samet and Jack Lynch

Episode 12 - Congressman Andy Kim (09.17.20)

As the son of Korean immigrants, Congressman Andy Kim learned the importance of measuring the value of work by thinking of “service as a way of life.” With this foundation, Congressman Kim has served at the Pentagon, State Department, and the White House National Security Council. Today, he represents the Third Congressional District of New Jersey, and is using his platform to address issues surrounding health care, national security, and small businesses.

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Episode 11 - Dr. Leana Wen (08.26.20)

For as long as she could remember, Dr. Leana Wen, one of TIME magazine's 2019 100 Most Influential People, knew she wanted to be in medicine. When her mother got sick while she was in medical school, Leana saw, first-hand, the disconnect between the care that providers want to provide and what patients sometimes experience. Throughout her career as national public health expert and advocate for addressing health disparities, Leana has sought to make a meaningful and purposeful impact, not just on the health care people receive but on some of the greatest social determinants of health, many of which have been further unmasked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Leana uses her platform as a national medical analyst to highlight the importance of public health and motivate leaders to take short term actions to make a difference.

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Episode 10 - Stephen A. Smith (06.09.20)

Many of you know Steven A. Smith for his strong opinions and incredible knowledge as a top journalist and commentator at ESPN. In his open and candid conversation with Virtua CEO Dennis Pullin, Stephen A. explores a variety of topics from education, to mentorship, to the importance of believing in yourself to achieve your dreams. Of course, he also talks about sports in the context of being Here for Good and how professional athletes can use their voice and their resources in different ways to make an impact.

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Episode 9 - Lee Ducat (05.07.20)

Since she learned her son had Type 1 diabetes in the late 1960s, Lee Ducat didn’t just wish for a cure, she worked for a cure. How could she connect with people in the same situation? “I didn’t really know how to do it,” she said. “But there was one thing I knew how to do – throw a cocktail party.” So that’s what she did. With the help of her son’s doctor, she brought everyone together and offered membership forms that led to the formation of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which has raised more than $2 billion to fund research.

Dr. Topiel

Martin Topiel, MD - Infectious Diseases

 Coronavirus Updat

Episode 8 - Martin Topiel, MD

Back by popular demand – our first episode of the Here For Good podcast featuring Dr. Martin Topiel generated so much interest that we brought back our head of infectious diseases for another conversation. This time he addresses challenges around testing, developing antibodies, the changes in protective equipment recommendations, and managing the constant flow of rapidly changing information.

Episode 7 - Martin Topiel, MD

As you continue to get important information about the coronavirus pandemic, please take time to listen to Dr. Martin Topiel, Virtua Health’s head of infectious diseases. In this edition of the Here for Good podcast, he talks about his relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci — the face of the White House’s coronavirus response, the challenge facing clinicians addressing the virus, and the important steps you can take to help control the spread and save lives.

Episode 6 - Congressman Donald Norcross (03.18.20)

Congressman Donald Norcross spent some time talking with leaders at Virtua Health about the issues and challenges facing health care and the nation at large in the midst of the international coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 5 - Bishop Dennis Sullivan (03.17.20)

As the Bishop of Camden, Dennis Sullivan knows how important it is to connect with people through language, but he teaches his priests that it is more important to speak the “language of the heart.” During his discussion with Virtua President and CEO Dennis Pullin, he also talks about how the church’s commitment to ‘servant leadership’ can translate to the business world, as well as importance of language, building relationships with other community organizations, and the biggest challenges facing today’s Catholic Church.

Episode 4 - Patti Winegar (02.26.20)

As CEO of SPM Marketing, has built a dynamic operation that is helping to transform the way health care organizations connect with their communities. But her passion for helping those without the advantages she has enjoyed led her to connect with the youth of Chicago and children in Guatemala. Her family and her work colleagues have joined her in these endeavors, which she has a unique set of rewards.

“I get so much more out of it than I give. It isn’t about what I’m giving, but what I’m getting, quite frankly. And when you see an impact, it’s really exciting and inspiring.” 

Episode 3 - Marvin Samson (01.29.20)

Marvin Samson understands what it means to pay it forward. Raised under challenging circumstances, he took night classes to earn a degree in chemistry and his career eventually spanned every phase of the pharmaceutical industry. His personal success led him to philanthropy and a desire to have a positive impact on young people growing up much like he did.

In addition to serving on Virtua Health’s board of trustees, his generosity and passion led him to support numerous initiatives here at Virtua, including our cancer center in Moorestown, which now bears his name. 

Episode 2 - NJ State Senator Troy Singleton (01.14.20)

The latest edition of the “Here for Good” podcast features a conversation between our President and CEO Dennis W. Pullin and New Jersey State Senator Troy Singleton. Sen. Singleton, who represents New Jersey’s Seventh District, discusses the important role of trade unions on his life, as well as his passion for community service, not to mention the profound impact a school janitor had in helping him understand how to behave as a young man.

Episode 1 - Dr. Randal Pinkett

Dr. Randal Pinkett won Season Four of The Apprentice, but he's also a writer, public speaker, business owner, and "serial entrepreneur.” A founder of BCT Partners, he helped Virtua Health develop a blueprint for our Culture of We. Maybe most importantly, he describes himself in his biography as “a community servant.”

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