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Welcome to Physicians Only, where you will find information to make it easier for you to practice at Virtua.

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Welcome to the Physician Information Center, where you will find helpful resources while working at Virtua Health.

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Digital 411

Access Digital 411

How to Access the Virtua Network

Remote connect to your applications & e-mail via The Virtua Web Portal

(First time enrollment must complete Step 1 and 2)

STEP 1: Enroll into Dual Factor Authentication Mobile or SMS Text Message:
Entrust is a dual factor authentication provider used by Virtua to add a second layer of security to your Virtua Network account. Please download and follow instructions.

Apple Mobile iOS instructions Android Mobile Android instructions 

Apple Android SMS Text Message instructions

STEP 2: Download Citrix Client Instructions for your device

STEP 3: Access the Virtua Web Portal
(E-mail, the VINE, Virtua Learning System and other applications)

Optional Virtua Mobile Applications Setup

Citrix Receiver for IOS
Citrix Receiver for Android

Re-Enrollment Dual Factor for Fast Connection (Enrolled prior to 4/01/2019)

Mobile Android
Mobile iOS

An Office Manager or Authorized Representative at your practice can be appointed to request VIRTUA IS Access. Please send an email to containing contact information that includes the professional title, phone number and email address.

For questions and/or assistance, please contact the Virtua information Services Customer Support Physician Priority Line at 856-355-1234.

Virtua Network

Medical Staff Privileges and By laws

Staff By-laws, Regulations, Policies and Safety Act Reporting Notice 

The following documents are for Virtua North (Mount Holly Hospital) and Virtua South (Virtua Voorhees and Virtua Marlton Hospitals):

Virtua Medical Staff Bylaws 
(PDF: 3451kb/65 pages) 

Virtua Medical Staff and Advanced Practice Provider Credentials Policy
(PDF: 512kb/128 pages) 

Virtua Organizational Manual 
(PDF: 80kb/19 pages) 


The following documents are for Virtua West (Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes and Virtua Willingboro Hospitals only):

Virtua Medical Staff Bylaws
(PDF 506 KB/67 pages)


Virtua Medical Staff and Advanced Practice Provider Credentials Policy
(704KB/135 pages)


Virtua Medical Staff Organizational Manual
(PDF 90 KB/19 pages)


The following documents are for ALL of the above Virtua hospitals:

Virtua Medical Staff Rules and Regulations 
(PDF: 953kb/39 pages) 

NJ Patient Safety Act Reporting Notice
(PDF: 182kb/1 page) 


Adult Medical Admissions 24 by 7 In-house Physician Coverage Policy
(PDF: 27 kb/2 pages)

Authorization to Release Protected Health Information
(PDF: 43kb/2 pages)

Consent for Disclosure
(PDF: 14kb/1 page)

Disruptive Behavior Policy
(PDF: 71kb/5 pages)

Drug and Alcohol Testing
(PDF: 82kb/7 pages)

Health Policy
(PDF: 93kb/7 pages)

Sexual Harassment Policy
(PDF: 59kb/4 pages)

Surgical and Rehabilitation Center By-Laws and Regulations

The following documents are bylaws and regulations for Virtua surgical and rehabilitation centers and surgical services:
Summit Surgical Center
MedicalStaff Bylaws 
(PDF: 122kb / 33 pages) 

Virtua Health and Rehabilitation Centers
Medical Staff Bylaws 
(PDF: 57kb / 27 pages) 

Virtua Surgical Services
OR Rules and Regulations 
(PDF: 29kb / 7 pages) 

iResponse Query for Virtua's Medical Affairs Database

iResponse allows appropriate professionals to query Virtua's Cactus medical affairs database and print verification letters for physicians.

How to access iResponse

Print and sign the Web Site Access Agreement and return to Virtua's department of medical affairs via fax number 856-355-0354.

How to use iResponse

Logon to iResponse, click on Search for Providers, enter the last name or license number of the desired provider, then click the Search for Matching Providers button.

If you have any questions, please contact the medical staff office by calling 856-355-0335.

Logon to iResponse

Physician Resources

Continuing Medical Education for Physicians

Dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of health care, Virtua provides our health care team with resources, the latest technology, and ongoing training, as well as opportunities for professional growth.

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Contact Medical Affairs

Contact Virtua’s Medical Affairs and Process Teams through phone or email.

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National Provider ID (NID)

Through national Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates, health care providers have standard unique identifiers. Here are those NPIs for Virtua health care providers along with a downloadable spreadsheet.

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Medical Education Department

Our education programs provide rewarding experiences that help develop and train medical leaders in the demanding health care field. Residents will receive a well-balanced knowledge base upon which to build.

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