Dental Residency


Our environment is designed to allow a recent dental school graduate to expand his/her view of dentistry. The patients, the materials, the equipment and the faculty are here to allow you to gain experience, skill and confidence. The focus is on nurturing your interests and needs.

We encourage individuality. We believe a resident can grow professionally without another year of dental school. The success of the program is evident in outcome assessment testing -- on a national level our graduates perform well above average.


As one of New Jersey’s largest health systems, Virtua helps people be well, get well and stay well through a comprehensive range of health care services.

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Overall Goals and Objectives

The Mission Statement of the General practice Residency at Virtua Health describes the overall goals and objectives for the training of our graduate dentists.

These goals and objectives are as follows:

  1. The program will provide residents with a broad experience in various disciplines of dentistry, both clinically and didactically.
  2. The program will enhance the residents’ diagnostic skills, abilities, and judgments to increase his/her competence in comprehensive treatment planning.
  3. The program will train residents to function as a member of the health care team, interacting with physicians and other health care providers. We will equip them with the understanding of hospital organization and encourage them to participate in hospital staff member engagement.
  4. The program will provide training that emphasizes critical think and use of scientific literature in clinical decision making.
  5. The program will provide a broad range of experiences, enhancing resident understanding of patients with complex medical histories, special needs, diverse socio-economic backgrounds and those with limited access to oral health care. These experiences develop understanding of the needs of our communities.

The following statements are intended to communicate the expectations of the faculty to the resident and will serve as a basis to evaluate the residents’ satisfactory completion of the program.

A graduate of Virtua GPR will be expected to:

  • Function as the patient’s primary and comprehensive oral health care provider.
  • Formulate sequenced, comprehensive treatment plans using diagnostic as well as prognostic analysis for patients with complex needs.
  • Diagnose and manage a patient’s occlusal disease
  • Provide dental treatment in the operating room
  • Be able to manage the total admission to discharge of same day surgical patients and use proper hospital protocol when treating and managing patients in a hospital environment.
  • Perform dental consultations when requested by the medical staff
  • Treat patients efficiently in a dental practice setting
  • Support the Virtua mission by acting in a manner to maximize patient satisfaction and provide ethical quality care.
  • Apply scientific principles and critical thinking to analyze outcomes and improve patient treatment.
  • Perform a limited history and physical evaluation to establish a risk assessment for dental treatment.
  • Participate in community programs to prevent and reduce the incidence of dental disease.
  • Treat patients with a spectrum of acute and chronic systemic disorders as well as patients as Special Needs patients
  • Provide pain and anxiety control in the conscious patient through us of local anesthesia, behavioral management, and anxiolytic agents.
  • Treat the restorative needs of patients including replacement of missing teeth by fixed and removable prostheses
  • Be familiar with replacing missing teeth with implants from diagnosis and case selection, to placement and restoration.
  • Perform oral surgical procedures including surgical and non-surgical extraction, limited pre-prosthetic surgery and intraoral biopsy
  • Diagnose and treat early and moderate periodontal disease
  • Perform endodontic treatment with on anterior and posterior teeth as well as pediatric pulpal treatment.
  • Manager and treat patients with intraoral emergencies
  • Understand the workings and management of a general dental practice
  • Be conversant with strategic financial planning in personal and professional life.
  • Be able to understand how to read and evaluate contracts involving future partnerships and associateships
  • Understand the workings of and indications for life, disability, and malpractice insurance.


Clinical experience is complimented by a series of weekly dental and medical lectures given by the dental and hospital medical staff. Residents may attend, usually at no cost, any continuing education courses and seminars given by organizations such as:

  • Seattle Study Club
  • Southern New Jersey Dental Society
  • Medical Society of New Jersey
  • New Jersey Academy of General Dentistry
  • New Jersey Dental Association

Residents also participate in a physical diagnosis and medical risk assessment course. This lecture-participation course provides experience in the systematic examination and evaluation of a patient's various body systems.

Oral Surgery

Every fourth week, a resident usually spends two days with the oral surgeons. Since Virtua does not have oral surgery residents, the general practice residents have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of oral surgery including:

  • Routine impactions
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery
  • Emergency treatment
  • Reconstruction following trauma

In addition to major procedures performed in the operating room, oral surgeons are available to assist in minor procedures done in the Dental Health Center.

Additional Resident Responsibilities

Residents treat routine emergency cases and assist oral surgeons in treating trauma cases admitted through the emergency departments in Camden and Voorhees. On-call schedules are arranged by the residents to provide emergency coverage using a beeper paging system. Residents are also responsible for answering dental consults requested by the staff physicians for in-patients at Virtua's hospitals in Berlin, Marlton and Voorhees.


Although the primary focus of this program is on clinical dentistry, the rotations provide an important aspect. Residents spend a number of weeks away from the Dental Health Center in the following rotations:

  • Anesthesia 2 weeks
  • Emergency 2 weeks
  • General Medicine 1 week


This rotation provides an opportunity to observe and participate in the various techniques of airway maintenance and induction of general anesthesia. It familiarizes you with the various pharmacological agents used in general anesthesia and their methods of administration.

Goal: The goal of this rotation is to familiarize the resident with the safe monitoring and treatment responses which are required in day to day treatment of dental patients.

Objective: The objectives of this rotation are:

  • To familiarize the residents with the operating room facility,
  • To familiarize the residents with the full range of modalities of anesthetic modalities that are provided in a modern hospital,
  • To assist the anesthesiologist in whatever capacity he is permitted,
  • To become exposed to the techniques and anatomy related to endo/naso tracheal intubation, as well as use of the other airway establishing devices such as LMA’s and oral-pharyngeal airways,
  • To obtain training under the supervision of the Anesthesia Department that may serve as a credential for the resident should he or she which to apply for hospital privileges in the future and
  • The resident is under the direct supervision of the Department of Anesthesiology while he or she is assigned to that rotation.


A variety of em ergency medical procedures will be learned while working with physicians in the emergency departments in Camden.

Goal: The goal of this rotation is to provide the dental resident with the training and experience which will facilitate his/her ability to anticipate, diagnose, and treat emergencies that may occur concurrently with dental procedures.

Objective: The objective of this rotation is to gain experience in anticipation, evaluation and management of medical emergencies.

  • To enhance skills and knowledge in taking a medical history and to better recognize factors which may predispose a patient to a systemic emergency during dental treatment,
  • To learn the organizational structure and protocol of the emergency department,
  • To learn the procedures for processing a patient through the emergency department and
  • To develop an understanding of the patient triage process.


Goal: To expose the resident to the fundamentals of patient evaluation, recognition and treatment of various illnesses which may be encountered in the residents future practice. The resident will learn to develop a collaborative relationship with the physicians who will be consulted in situations where it is appropriate due to medical concerns.


  1. Opportunity to participate in rounds with attending physicians for medical patient in both learning and consulting capacity
  2. Become familiar with a variety of systemic diseases and gain knowledge in not only the treatment of illnesses, but also in the specific dental management of such patients.
  3. The resident will gain enhanced competence in providing dental care for patients with various chronic conditions, including, but not limited to
    • Diabetes
    • HIV
    • Oncologic treatments, including chemotherapy
    • Cardiac Disorders/Hypertension
    • Pulmonary Disorders
    • Renal Disorders
    • Liver Disorders
  4. The resident should learn the components of typical Medical Histories and Physicals during this rotation.
  5. The resident should develop understanding of medical differential diagnosis, and the formulation of an assessment and treatment plan.
  6. The resident should develop understanding of medication management in medical conditions, and potential effects of certain medications on patients’ dental care.


The patient population gives a balanced exposure to all areas of dental practice. An abundance of patients provide an ample supply of fixed and removable prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and other challenging cases. General dentistry performed under general anesthesia in the hospital's operating rooms is also available to residents.


Residents spend the majority of their time at Virtua West Jersey Hospital Camden, practicing in the Noble-Evans-Wisniewski Dental Health Center. The Dental Health Center consists of:

  • Five modern operatories
  • Reception area
  • Conference room
  • Staff room
  • Laboratory
  • Darkroom
  • Business offices

Four full-time auxiliaries and student assistants work with the dental residents. Program directors and attending dentists are generally present in the Dental Health Center for assistance and consultation, and specialists are available to aid in difficult cases. The dental department includes board-certified specialists in oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics, and more than 40 general practitioners.

Residents treat routine emergency cases and assist oral surgeons in treating trauma cases admitted through the emergency departments in Camden and Voorhees. On-call schedules are arranged by the residents to provide emergency coverage using a beeper paging system. Residents are also responsible for answering dental consults requested by the staff physicians for in-patients at Virtua's hospitals in Berlin, Marlton and Voorhees.


Residents receive the following:

  • Salary of $50,296
  • Full medical insurance for resident and dependents
  • Full professional liability insurance coverage
  • 22 Personal Time Off Days
  • Parking privileges in security-patrolled lots
  • Continuing education programs


Department of Dentistry
Gene Martin, DMD, MD, Chairman
Tejal Vohera, DMD, Director of Dental Residency Program
Richard D'Eustachio, DDS, Teaching Attending

Chief of Section
Endodontics: Edwin Eisenberg, DDS
General Dentistry: George Barth, DMD
Oral Surgery: Paul Cohen, DDS
Orthodontics: Paul Batastini, DMD
Pediatric Dentistry: Jennifer Cully, DMD
Periodontics: Charles Procini, DDS
Prosthodontics: Stephen Cohen, DMD

Tejal Vohera, DMD Graduate of The UMDNJ and the Virtua GPR. Has been active in clinical practice and community based hospital dentistry for several years. Recipient of Superstar award for Physician excellence at Virtua.

Richard D'Eustachio, DDS Graduate of The University of Pennsylvania. Has taught at University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Oral Medicine, as well as at UMDNJ in post grad education. Dr. D'Eustachio has served Dentistry at the local and state levels and is a past National President of the American Dental Association.

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The Dental Residency Program at Virtua Health West Jersey participates in PASS and the National Matching Service. No other application material is necessary.

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