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VirtuaPhysicianPartners™ is a physician-led clinically integrated network  that enables physicians  to drive quality care  while lowering costs for patients. Clinical integration brings physicians from a wide range of specialties together to establish best practices while lowering the cost of health care.

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Why Clinical Integration?

We have an opportunity to form a Clinically Integrated Network which will allow us to deliver better and safer care that is more cost-effective for our patients by physicians across specialties coming together with the health system.

About Us

VirtuaPhysicianPartners is:

  • A clinically integrated network created collaboratively by Virtua, Virtua Medical Group (VMG) and independent physician practices;
  • A physician-led, professionally managed entity, with physicians composing approximately 90% of the board;
  • A vehicle to provide participating physicians the opportunity to earn shared savings through a variety of initiatives that continually enhance quality while reducing costs to consumers;
  • A mechanism providing additional fee-for-service and other contracts to secure the future of physician practices.

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  • VirtuaPhysicianPartners is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Virtua. Physicians join VirtuaPhysicianPartners via participation agreements for an initial term of 24-months; no equity contributions are required.
  • Although it will retain a set of reserved powers required by IRS and regulatory guidelines, Virtua will delegate extensive authority to the Board. 
  • The Board will be physician-driven, with 7 independent physicians, 5 Virtua Medical Group (VMG) physicians and 1 Virtua Executive. Most Board decisions will be made via simple majority; the approval of risk-based contracts and removal of physicians from VirtuaPhysicianPartners will require a super majority.
  • VirtuaPhysicianPartners will have 4 standing committees: Clinical Effectiveness, Network & Contracting, Infrastructure and Finance. Physicians on these committees will be compensated if they fulfill their duties.
  • VirtuaPhysicianPartners intends to pursue a contracting strategy consisting of shared savings over Virtua’s employees and attributed Medicare beneficiaries, plus a Hospital Quality & Efficiency Program.


  • Tarun Kapoor, MD - President of VirtuaPhysicianPartners
  • Michele Fronckiewicz - Executive Director of VirtuaPhysicianPartners
  • Andrew Cohen, MD - Medical Director of VirtuaPhysicianPartners

Board of Managers

  • Sanford Gips, VPP Chairman - Cardiovascular Associates of Delaware Valley
  • Vincent Spagnuolo, MD - VPP Vice Chairman, Virtua Medical Group
  • Seth Berk, MD - Regional Cancer Care Associates of Mt. Holly
  • Robert Bross, MD - Columbus Family Physicians
  • Marianne DiGiovanni, DO - Regional Women’s Health Group
  • Rajesh Jain, MD - Reconstructive Orthopedics
  • John Matsinger, DO MBA -Virtua Medical Group
  • William Muhr, MD - South Jersey Radiology Associates
  • Robert Segin - Virtua Executive
  • Hetal Shah, MD - Elmwood Family Physicians
  • Eric Sztejman, MD - Virtua Medical Group
  • Nicole Lamborne, MD - Virtua Medical Group
  • Samuel Weiner, MD - Virtua Medical Group


Our clinical integration program is the foundation for VirtuaPhysicianPartners. The following committees, subcommittees and work groups have been created to identify and drive the work of our Clinical Integration program:

Clinical Effectiveness Committee (CEC)

Hospital Quality and Efficiency Program (HQEP)


IT Infrastructure

Network Development and Contracting

Participation Criteria

  • Physician must be in good standing

  • Actively participate in VPP’s clinical programs and adopt the protocols and metric applicable to his/his  specialty

  • Achieve targeted performance levels

  • Be held accountable via VPP’s performance monitoring, evaluation & remediation process, inclusive of peer-to-peer counseling and economic rewards

  • Have a working EMR or working towards EMR implementation

  • Permit VPP to review post-adjudicated claims data that are relevant to its programs

  • Demonstrate a willingness and commitment to promoting utilization of VPP resources in a manner that improves care coordination, data transparency and the Triple Aim

  • Attend educational programs (e.g. CME) related to VPP programs and evidence-based medicine

  • Participating physicians or groups agree to an initial participation term of twenty-four (24) months. If the physician/group chooses to leave VPP before the initial term is complete, they will be required to pay back any distribution payments received during their participation period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What standards do I have to meet to participate in VirtuaPhysicianPartners?
Participating members in the network must adhere to established quality criteria which the VirtuaPhysicianPartners Board of Managers may amend over time. Physicians may join as groups or individuals to allow for maximum flexibility of different group structures.   
Will I have to be employed by Virtua or give up my medical staff privileges at non-Virtua hospitals?
No, a key benefit of clinical integration is that it allows Virtua, Virtua Medical Group and independent physicians to collaborate without sacrificing independence. VirtuaPhysicianPartners does not preclude participating members from maintaining their own private practice or restrict the facilities to which they can refer or provide services.

Can I join other clinically integrated networks if I join VirtuaPhysicianPartners?
Yes, VirtuaPhysicianPartners will be a non-exclusive CIN which will allow physicians to participate in other CINs to ensure that all patients in the market have access to the highest quality coordinated care. Participating physicians may be required to disclose ACO and value-based contract arrangements to the board.

To avoid conflicts of interest, physician leaders of VirtuaPhysicianPartners will sign a conflict of interest and disclosure form and agree not to sit on the board or key committee of another CIN.  Physician leaders include physicians participating on current and future Boards & Committees. Owners & Participants may be restricted from having an ownership interest in other CINs. 
Do I have to participate in all VirtuaPhysicianPartners contracts?
Yes, participating physicians must agree to participate in 100% of VirtuaPhysicianPartners contracts that include their specialty. If a participant has a current value based contract, the physician may continue that until the end of its term, then can be moved to VPP.  A participating physician cannot opt out of individual contracts that VPP is involved with.

  • PCP: Primary care attribution models used in value-based contracts may preclude primary care physicians from participating in multiple CIN/ACOs that contract with the same payer.
  • Specialist: This provision does not typically preclude specialists from participating in multiple CINs.

Who leads VirtuaPhysicianPartners?
VirtuaPhysicianPartners is a physician-led and professionally managed organization. It is governed by a 13-member Board of Managers, with seven independent physicians, five Virtua physicians and one Virtua executive. A full-time Physician Executive leads VirtuaPhysicianPartners, supported by a full-time Executive Director.  

How will key decisions be made and will my voice be heard?
While the Board of Managers and Executive Leadership team will govern and lead VirtuaPhysicianPartners, four standing committees with majority physician representation will be responsible for developing and implementing VirtuaPhysicianPartners: Clinical Effectiveness, Finance, Network & Contracting, and Infrastructure committees. VirtuaPhysicianPartners will openly solicit physicians to participate on these committees upon its formation.

What infrastructure will VirtuaPhysicianPartners use to support its program?
All VirtuaPhysicianPartners members are required to share clinical quality data to effectively collaborate on clinical effectiveness initiatives. WhileVirtuaPhysicianPartners is being formed, network staff will conduct an inventory of all practices’ electronic medical records (EMRs) and other systems to determine the best mechanism for creating a shared infrastructure.

Will participation in VirtuaPhysicianPartners require me to change the way I practice medicine?
Participating members will design and implement a new care model based on cross-continuum coordination, evidence-based medicine and patient engagement. This model will be adopted by all participating members for successful collaboration leading to the best quality care of patients.

Is Virtua Physician Partners moving toward capitation?
No, VirtuaPhysicianPartners is not considering assuming performance or insurance risk for defined populations in its short-term contracting strategy. Any such contracts will require full vetting by the Contracting Committee, while the Board will approve only those contracts that are designed to provide economic benefit to Participating Members.

What are VirtuaPhysicianPartners’ top initial priorities and how can I support them?
Virtua Physician Partners’ top priority is to engage staff that can lead its work across Clinical Effectiveness, Finance, Infrastructure and Contracting. 
VirtuaPhysicianPartners cannot be successful without sustained and extensive physician engagement. You can support the network by actively participating in those committees or initiatives that most interest you.

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