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Virtua Medical Group (VMG) is a network of medical and surgical physicians exclusively affiliated with Virtua that are located throughout the region, from primary care to complex medical and surgical specialties.
VMG physicians follow Virtua's rigorous standards. They provide the right care when you need it, with your electronic chart accessible from every Virtua location. 

Excellent quality, technology and patient care have earned VMG top national quality scores.

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From routine examinations to managing chronic conditions, Virtua doctors help you and your family stay healthy through every stage of life.

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the highest Quality Care

Virtua Medical Group clinicians provide outstanding experiences and helpful resources for all patients, from newborns to seniors.

Primary Care

Virtua primary care physicians build long-term relationships with you and your family to keep you healthy. Learn more about our personalized primary care services.

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Health Insurance - Virtua

Health Insurance

Virtua services are covered by a wide range of insurance plans. Choose an insurance plan that includes your preferred doctors, hospitals, labs and other healthcare providers.

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personal health navigator

Personal Health Navigator

With one phone call, a Virtua Navigator can schedule your appointment or find a service you need.

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Specialty Care

From advanced diagnostic testing, outpatient surgery, OB/GYN and more, Virtua's specialists provide the advanced care you need.

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Physician Careers


In a truly collaborative setting, Virtua physicians are at the forefront of providing advanced care. They utilize the most innovative technologies and continually advance their expertise. 

Learn More about Physician Opportunities at Virtua