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3 South Jersey Farmers Markets You Must Visit This Summer

Did you know New Jersey is home to 176 farmers markets stretching across 21 counties? Here are three of our favorites, close to home in South Jersey. Visit this summer and enjoy!

Updated June 15, 2022

Being the Garden State, New Jersey certainly has a reputation to uphold. Between the fresh produce, wineries, and roadside farm stands, it does just that. In addition to these defining Garden State characteristics, New Jersey is home to roughly 176 different individual farmers markets stretching across 21 counties.

New Jersey truly inspires people to shop local and fresh to support members of their community. So this summer, we highly recommend exploring these amazing and unique South Jersey destinations:

Berlin Farmers Market
Located in the 'burbs of Berlin, New Jersey, this local farmers market put its name on the map by having a variety of products attracting people from all over. From sports equipment to prom dresses and everything in between, the Berlin Farmers Market, or Berlin Mart as townies like to say, is a great place to go with friends and family. They even have an indoor shopping center as well as an outdoor flea market, making it even more worthwhile to check out.

Burlington County Farmers Market
The Burlington County Farmers Market is one of the more unique spots in South Jersey. Offering live music and culinary classes, this market is a true experience. Featuring an assortment of local vendors, you can find anything you need here like dog supplies, jewelry, and fresh produce. But heads up, it’s only open on Saturdays over the summer, so be sure to plan ahead!

Bordentown Farmers Market
Open on Sundays throughout the summer, the Bordentown Farmers Market is the place to be. During operating hours, this market has so much to offer, including cool local vendors and a family-friendly experience. The diversification in products makes this market one of the best in South Jersey, and it is definitely worth the drive. Some of our favorite soaps are from vendors here!

Eat Well Mobile Farmers Market

While we’re on the subject of farmers markets, Virtua Health has made them more accessible—by putting one on wheels! Through our Eat Well mobile farmers market, you can purchase all kinds of fresh produce, just like you would at a stand-still one! The accessibility of the mobile market makes it a convenient and fun choice for fruit and vegetable shopping. Stay connected to find out when we will be in your neighborhood!