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4 Sweet Halloween Tricks for Grown-Ups Who Have Diabetes

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Halloween typically is a night filled with costumes, trick-or-treating, and sacks full of candy. With a bit of creativity and planning, those with type 2 diabetes can worry less about the sugary treat part.

Try these tricks to enjoy a spooktacular holiday that’s less of a fright for your blood sugar levels.

Embrace moderation

Most people with diabetes can work a sweet treat or two into their meal plans. So go ahead and enjoy a small portion of your favorite candy or sweet food—just make sure it fits into your carb count for the day.

Check the carbohydrate information on its nutrition label and be sure to note the serving size.

Choose healthier sweets

Fiber helps stabilize your blood sugar. Choosing fiber-rich, naturally sweet foods, like citrus fruits and berries, can help you maintain glucose control. If you’re still looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, try a sweet potato with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.

If you’re craving chocolate, go for dark chocolate. Compared to milk or white chocolate, dark chocolate has higher amounts of cocoa solids and less sugar and fat. Cocoa solids also contain flavonols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Avoid temptation

Buy candy the day you’ll be handing it out. To avoid overeating, choose kinds you don’t like to give away to trick-or-treaters. Better yet, distribute pencils or small toys instead.

Decide what you’ll do with leftover candy ahead of time. Donate it to community groups or troops overseas or give some to friends—whatever it takes to avoid overindulging.

Create ghoulish new traditions

Like other holidays, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about sweets. Consider other activities you and your family can enjoy:

  • Carve pumpkins. Bonus: You can roast the pumpkin seeds for a great healthy snack.
  • Tell ghost stories with a flashlight or around a bonfire or fireplace.
  • Set up a haunted house.
  • Create a spooky scavenger hunt with trinkets and toys to find.

To avoid scary glucose levels, be smart about your choices—and have fun.

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Updated September 28, 2020

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