5 ways to sleep better during menopause

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep During Menopause

Women will experience a myriad of symptoms during menopause, but the worst may be the inability to sleep.

Lack of sleep impairs your attention, alertness, concentration and can make you accident prone. Not only that, chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for heart issues, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

The main cause of sleeplessness during menopause is directly related to night sweats: “When the body heats up, we wake up,” says Virtua OB/GYN Colleen McCleery, MD, FACOG, who specializes in menopause and sexual dysfunction. “The key to a better night’s sleep is as simple as being mindful of our body’s temperature.”

Avoid alcohol and spicy foods

Spicy food and alcohol increase your body temperature, making it more likely that you’ll have night sweats. Instead, drink a cool glass of water to start your bedtime routine. Remaining well-hydrated helps keep the sweats at bay.

Don't exercise in the evening

One of the surest ways to bump up your body temperature is physical activity. That also means that it is a great way to have night sweats. Relaxing before bed will help relieve stress and keep your body temperature low.

Take a cool bath or shower

Cool water will lower your body temperature and gear you up for a nice night’s sleep.

Optimize your bedroom conditions

Try to steer away from nylon sheets, as they aren’t breathable and hold heat. Use cotton sheets instead and run a fan. The cotton sheets can breathe and the fan will keep cool air flowing around you all night.

Try exuberan

While you may be able to keep your night sweats at bay with the above ideas, why not just eliminate them all together? With exuberan, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you can stop menopause symptoms with a simple pellet.

“Balancing out your hormones can prevent night sweats and help you get a good night’s sleep," says Dr. McCleery.

Updated December 29, 2017

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