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5 Ways to Make Daylight Saving Time Easier

"Daylight saving time isn't a big deal," said anyone without children, a job, or a general love for being well-rested.

On March 13, we'll lose an hour of sleep to this irrational occasion. And honestly, being tired isn't even the worst of it. No matter how many DSTs we survive, resetting the clocks on our microwaves is an actual nightmare. And for that, there's no forgiving you daylight saving – you are a monster.

Putting our feelings aside, come Monday, you're gonna move with the speed of a tortoise stuck in the mud. It won't be fun, but it doesn't have to be the worst day ever, which is why we put together these quick tips to make daylight saving time a little easier. But to be clear, we can't help you with your microwave.

Prep Work

About four or five days before the big day – try getting to bed a little earlier. This will help ease your body into the time change.

Airplane Mode

When bedtime approaches, turn off each and every device you own. In fact, keep your phone more than an arm's length away.

Skip the Nap

Naps are life. But at this time of year, they are your enemy. Do your best to avoid that glorious, mid-afternoon nap. Your body will thank you in the long run.

Consistency is Everything

Wake up at the same time each morning, especially on the weekends! Sleeping in might seem like the right approach – but you're playing a dangerous game for the remainder of the week.

Enjoy the Sunlight

Daylight saving time is the worst, but it also means that spring is on its way. So enjoy those extra hours by getting outside, going for a walk, hanging with the fam, and living life.

Updated March 9, 2022

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