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Celebrate National Pet Day with 6 Surprising Facts

Pets can support and improve your physical and emotional health. In celebration of National Pet Day, read more about some of the health benefits owning a pet can provide.

Updated April 08, 2022

There are two types of people in this world: people with pets and people we don't trust. We're kidding, of course... kinda. 

All jokes aside, whether you already have a pet or perhaps you're on the fence – there are some legit health benefits behind parenting fur babies. Which is exactly why we put together this quick list of ways pets can support, improve, and ultimately benefit your physical and emotional health. Let's dive in:

  1. Pets, please!
    Studies show that when you pet your, um, pets – your heart rate slows down, your breathing relaxes, and your blood pressure decreases. 
  2. Seeing eye-to-eye
    Making eye contact with your pet releases a hormone that makes you happy. That's science, baby!
  3. Go for a walk
    Pet owners, particularly dog owners, are generally more active. Pets help you get outside, take a few extra steps, and enjoy the fresh air!
  4. Feeling social
    You're never alone when you have a pet. Plus, pet owners tend to be more social in terms of connecting with other pet owners in the community. 
  5. Animal therapy
    Pet parents are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, stress, and other mood disorders. Plus, pets add structure to your day in the form of feeding, walking, and much-needed snuggies. 
  6. We <3 pets
    Pet owners have lower cholesterol levels – a contributor to heart disease. Plus, did you know that heart attack patients with pets live longer than those without?

When it comes down to it, we don't deserve pets – they are too pure and wonderful for this world. So whether you're a dog person, cat person, bird person, or have a gymnasium of hamster tubes running through your house, give those good boys and girls some extra love today!