comfort for new moms at home

Comfort for New Moms at Home

When first-time mom Debbie Scheibler and her husband Steve found out Debbie was pregnant, they immediately began to prepare.

They painted the nursery, bought tiny clothes and baby-proofed their home. But as much as they had prepared, Debbie still felt overwhelmed when it came time to take her daughter Emma home from Virtua Voorhees, the hospital where she delivered.

“The care from the Virtua doctors, nurses and staff was amazing,” says Debbie. “But still, I was worried about being on my own with Emma for the first time.”

On her own, perhaps, but not alone

Before Debbie was released from the hospital, she got a prescription from her physician that enabled Virtua Home Health nurse Maureen McNutt, RN, to visit Debbie at home.

And for Debbie, Maureen’s visit made all the difference. “I was recovering from a Cesarean section, had breastfeeding difficulties and, on top of that, Emma was colicky,” explains Debbie.

“If Maureen hadn’t visited me, I would have lost my mind.”

Maureen checked on mom and baby to make sure everything was okay. “Maureen took her time and answered all my questions,” says Debbie.

“She gave me peace of mind that I was taking care of myself and my daughter correctly. She was my angel.”

For chronically ill patients, too

While moms like Debbie benefit from home care, so do other types of patients. Virtua Home Care makes it possible for individuals recovering from hospital stays and chronically ill patients to remain at home with their families, treasured belongings and pets.

Home care nurses are specially trained to care for people in their home; coordinate care with other health professionals; and teach patients and their families about caring for themselves.

Home health professionals can help with personal hygiene, meal preparation and nutritional support. If needed, patients can also request private services such as light housekeeping, medication reminders and exercise instruction.

Updated December 29, 2017

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