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Setting the Record Straight on Exercise Bikes

By Vivek Sailam, MD, Cardiologist – Virtua Cardiology

Recently, the internet was turned upside down over a somewhat contentious debate following the headlines about a certain exercise bike held accountable for a “BIG” death on a popular television show.

Are fitness bikes dangerous for my health? Let’s talk through the pros and cons of exercise bikes and how they impact your health.

Can you actually suffer a heart attack after riding an exercise bike?

It's incredibly rare, but it's not impossible. When you exercise, your heart demands more oxygen. If you have underlying conditions like heart disease, your heart may not be able to handle that excess stress.

Are exercise bikes good for your overall health?

Absolutely. Cycling is an aerobic workout that can strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. Plus, cycling can help you sleep better, improve brain function, lower stress levels, and give you more energy.

If I have heart issues, should I avoid exercise bikes?

If you have a history of heart disease or have had a heart attack in the past, you should consult your physician about an exercise plan. Stress tests can help determine what's a safe level of exertion for your heart.

What about cardio exercises overall?

The word cardio is right there, isn’t it? I have long been a supporter of my patients taking up exercise routines – whether it’s cycling/spinning, running/jogging, or just walking. Just always consult your physician before you start something new.

Last question, are you a fan of Sex in the City?

Admittedly, I've never seen a single episode despite hearing all the best things. I'll have to put it on my watchlist and binge it whenever I get the chance!

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Updated January 31, 2022


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