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Summer Body Positivity

Body positivity is a movement to love the skin you're in. This summer, we're following these simple steps to help us feel confident all season long.

When it comes to loving yourself, truly loving yourself – the imperfections, the dimples, the parts of your body that have changed over the years – it can be a struggle.

Between filters, influencers, gym memberships, fad diets, and the constant barrage of weight loss commercials – it’s easy to not feel as confident as you could be.

We say forget that. Body positivity is more than an idea – it's a movement, a shift in cultural norms to wholeheartedly love the skin you're in. And we're here for it. This summer, we're flaunting our curves, putting ourselves out there, and feeling unapologetically confident all season long.

But look, body positivity isn't a light switch you can turn on and off. It's reprogramming your thought process, which can take some time and practice. Here are some simple steps you can adopt that might help with your body image.

Lose the scale

Weighing yourself every day can create an obsessive, toxic relationship with your body. No matter what that scale says each morning, it doesn't define you, so don't allow it to dictate your happiness.

Recognize the power of your body

Ladies, our bodies are amazing. Like, legit amazing. And for all the moms in the room, don't focus on the stretch marks or body changes – YOU CARRIED AND CREATED LIFE. Honestly, how insane is that? These are not battle scars, they are badges of honor.

Do a social media cleanse

Social media has a profound impact on our mental health. That's nothing new. But if you're following people that make you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to start putting that unfollow button to work. Instead, fill your feed with real people who truly inspire you to achieve your goals.

Celebrate your individuality

It might sound cliché, but there's no one else like you. So stop comparing yourself to others or your younger self. Quit scrolling through Facebook photos from 5 years ago, it will only drive you mad. Our bodies naturally change over time, so let's embrace and celebrate that evolution.

Set goals for you, not your appearance

If you want to eat better, or get healthier, or switch things up – absolutely do that. But do it for you and not for your thighs or abs or whatever else you’re obsessing over.

Together, we move forward

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