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4 fast ways to love your middle age
mind and body

Don’t let your age get the best of you. Get the best out of your age. Here are four ways to feel great about being in the middle of life and loving it.

  • Clearer skin and less body hair
    As we age, our skin’s oil secretions slow down as does our hair growth . This means fewer breakouts and less shaving your legs and underarms.

  • Fewer colds
    By middle age, you have been exposed to many different viruses. Because of this, your body has already created the antibodies which are ready to fight colds faster and keep you working, playing and loving life.

  • Owning your individuality
    In our 40s and 50s and beyond, many of us now know ourselves better. This translates into understanding what works for us in terms of relationships, work and social life. As the masks of youth fall away, we are able to concentrate more on letting our authentic selves shine through.

  • Relationship satisfaction
    A hallmark of youth is trying to make everyone happy. As we age and discover more about who we are and what we want, we start to understand the differences between the relationships that are worth keeping and enhancing, and those that need to be placed aside.