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Anne's Story

"Within eight weeks of surgery, I was back on my horse and riding."

Anne Fallon loves horseback riding. Unfortunately, the pain in her knee was getting worse and she feared that she would not be able to ride anymore. She went to the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute for a minimally invasive, quad sparing knee replacement. Eight weeks after surgery she was back on her horse again, riding pain free.

Barry's Story

"Ten weeks to the day of my surgery, I was back on the basketball court."

Basketball official Barry Giordano spent a lot of nights running up and down the court. Experiencing pain and swelling in his knee almost everyday, his orthopedic doctor recommended knee replacement. Barry elected to have his knee replaced at Virtua’s Joint Replacement Institute where surgeons performed a minimally invasive, quad sparing technique. Barry went home the day of surgery and was back on the basketball court just 10 weeks later.

Michelle's Story

"I'm the luckiest girl around."

When pain in her knee and hips caused by an old car accident became intolerable, Michelle, age 53, was at her wit’s end. "The pain got to the point that it was even hard to walk," Michelle says. She and her husband gave up boating, and playing golf was becoming increasingly difficult. After a consultation with a surgeon—who told her that as long as she could still walk, he wouldn't operate—Michelle was devastated. Then a friend suggested Virtua's minimally invasive, quad-sparing joint replacement. Michelle was thrilled to be able to go ahead with the procedure. Today, Michelle is back to boating and swinging away on the course. And, she got an extra bonus. "Ever since I had my knee replaced, there’s less strain on my hips, and the pain there has gone away!"

Charlie's Story

“I feel like a new man now.”

As a husband, father, mail carrier, sports stadium usher and outdoorsman, Charlie, age 61, wasn’t ready to slow down. But eventually, the pain from arthritis kept him from doing the things he loved. “I could barely walk through the mall to Christmas shop with my daughter,” Charlie recalls. Now, after replacing both knees with Virtua’s minimally invasive, quad-sparing technique, Charlie can’t believe how much better he feels. He even bought a bike for the first time in his life. “Anything my family wants to do, I’m ready for!”

Sharon’s Story

“I couldn’t be happier.”

Sharon, age 62, is a design consultant for a custom home builder. “I’m out in the field walking through homes under construction all the time. So obviously I have to climb ladders,” Sharon says. When the arthritis pain got so bad that it limited her lifestyle, Sharon elected to have each of her knees replaced with Virtua’s minimally invasive, quad sparing technique. Three weeks after her second replacement, she was back at work and back to doing the things she loves like gardening, dancing and walking on the beach. She says, “There’s just so much that I can do now that I couldn’t do before. It’s like I’m a different person.”

Charles's Story

“It’s just life changing.”

Retirement is often a chance for people to do their favorite things. For Charles Schafer, age 78, that meant working on home improvement projects. Unfortunately, pain in both of his knees started to slow him down. “It got to the point where I almost had to pull myself up ladders,” Charles says. And when he needed to pick up supplies from a big building supply store, he often had to use an electric cart to get around. Now, after getting both knees replaced with Virtua’s minimally invasive, quad-sparing technique, Charles couldn’t be happier. “It’s given me a new lease on life.”

David’s Story

“Nothing’s going to stop me from working…or working out.”

David was 44 when an X-ray showed his hip had deteriorated to that of a 70-year-old man. The pain was interfering with his construction job and his passion for fitness. One of David’s coworkers had undergone traditional hip replacement surgery four months earlier. David says, “He still has a limp. I said, ‘No way, that’s not for me.’” David had minimally invasive hip surgery at Virtua. He says, “I was walking with a cane in two weeks. My first day back at work, I rode my bike. It’s about a 4-mile ride. Nobody could believe I could do that.”

John’s Story

“I feel 16 again.”

In spite of three arthroscopic surgeries for a torn meniscus, John Dower, age 70, couldn’t do a lot of things because the pain in his knees was just too much. “I couldn’t stand for a long time and I couldn’t walk without limping,” he says. After his wife had minimally invasive, quad-sparing knee replacement at Virtua, and was back to work in three weeks, John said, “I want to go where she went!” After having his own replacements done at Virtua, John’s not just standing around. “Now I can dance all night. I can do anything.”

Joe’s Story

“Life’s incredible now.”

After 8 years of living with knee pain, Joe, age 52, got used to not being able to do everyday things. “It got so bad that steps were my enemy,” Joe says. He has young children and felt like he was missing out on important moments in their lives. After a recommendation from a friend, Joe met with Dr. Rajesh Jain regarding Virtua’s minimally invasive, quad-sparing joint replacement. “The comfort that I experienced with Dr. Jain was incredible. I felt so at ease.” Ease was important to Joe, since he needed both knees replaced. Shortly after his second surgery, Joe was enjoying all kinds of activities—like playing with his kids. “Life’s incredible now. It’s better than I ever thought it could be.”

Michael’s Story

“Nothing can slow me down.”

Michael recalls, “Two years ago I couldn’t cut my lawn. I had way too much pain in my knee.” Today, he can’t believe how quickly minimally invasive knee replacement surgery transformed his life. “We were just on vacation. I walked from one end of the amusement park to the other. I wouldn’t have even thought about that two years ago.”

Bill’s Story

“I love life.”

Before having both his knees replaced, Bill Bamberger had this to say, “My life was great, but my knees weren’t. At the age of 82, they’re wearing out.” He tried injections, but he was still in a lot of pain, and didn’t want to get to the point where really strong medication was needed just to get by. Then a friend told him about Virtua’s minimally invasive, quad-sparing knee replacement technique. Before surgery, he worried that his knees would feel different. Afterward, he was pleasantly surprised. “You get back your full movement and it’s just like you never had anything done. I don’t think about my knees anymore and you couldn’t promise more than that.”

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