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Minimum pain. Maximum gain.

Smaller incisions. Shorter recovery time. Faster return to work or play. Those are just a few of the benefits of minimally invasive surgery.

If knee or hip pain is slowing you down, you don’t have to give up your active lifestyle. Did you know the fastest growing age group for joint replacements is patients between ages 45 to 55? Advancements in minimally invasive surgery are a big reason why.

Virtua’s minimally invasive procedures reduce blood loss and trauma to the surrounding tissues. We use what’s called the “quad-sparing technique” for total knee replacement, which eliminates the need to cut the quadriceps tendon and enables patients to return to normal activities faster.

A leader in minimally invasive, same-day total knee replacements, the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute is one of the few hospitals in the country to offer this revolutionary procedure.

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