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Ready to Go Green? 

BackStory health tip - Go greenFollow a plant-based diet to lower your cholesterol and your weight, improve heart health and invigorate your community resources. Some tips:

Buy local

Eating local, seasonal food supports local farms and saves the energy used to refrigerate and transport food -- most food travels 1,500 miles on average to reach your table. Local food generally uses less packaging and is fresher and tastier. Find local food at farmers markets or through community-supported agriculture (CSA), which often offer home delivery.

Reduce and reuse

Instead of buying foods that come in extensive packaging, most is petroleum-based plastics, look for unpackaged or minimally packaged foods. Bring your own containers, buy in bulk, and recycle or reuse any packaging you bring home.

Plan portions

Put extra planning into the amount of food you cook and cut back on waste. If it's food that will spoil quickly, avoid making more than you or your family can eat. Have extra? Make a friend happy with a home-cooked surprise. If it's a bigger affair, give the leftovers to those who need it more.

Buy organic

Organic vegetables, fruits, grains, juice, dairy, eggs and meat -- even organic wine and beer -- are grown and processed in ways that support healthy people and a healthy planet. For details on the meaning of organic, see the USDA Organics homepage.

Happy, healthier greener eating!