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Virtua Health Installs Innovative GE HealthCare Systems to Advance Cardiac Imaging in Southern New Jersey

February 26, 2024 - The agreement brings the region’s first Omni Legend digital PET/CT system and a Revolution Apex platform CT to build upon existing capabilities at a newly expanded cardiology facility in Moorestown, New Jersey.

February 26, 2024

GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC), a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, today announced that New Jersey-based Virtua Health has installed the innovative Omni Legend digital PET/CT– the first Omni Legend PET/CT system in New Jersey– and Revolution Apex platform – a CT system capable of 1-beat cardiac imaging – to add innovative capabilities to their cardiology facility in Moorestown, New Jersey. Not-for-profit Virtua Health is the largest health system in southern New Jersey and seeks to leverage this innovative technology to advance heart imaging in the Greater Philadelphia area.

With cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death globally, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease doubling since 1990, and a predicted increase in prevalence as the population ages, it is crucial to take a solutions-oriented approach to wellness, prevention, and early detection in cardiovascular health. [i, ii}

“The highest quality of cardiovascular imaging matters because it helps us more accurately diagnose a patient’s heart condition,” says Virtua cardiologist Mark Finch, MD, FACC. “From there, we can establish the best possible care pathway, whether that’s medication, lifestyle modification, or medical intervention. The more information we’re able to analyze, the better our patient outcomes can become. That’s why we’re excited to add these innovative GE HealthCare systems to our facility and help improve quality of life for those we care for.”

Cardiology care is complex, and the solutions built to address cardiovascular disease are evolving rapidly. That’s why GE HealthCare provides systems that help to tell the story of the heart. The Omni Legend PET/CT and the Revolution Apex CT both leverage research, data, and the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive care pathway optimization and help deliver better patient care, notably in the detection and diagnosis phase which is a critical step in informing treatment plans.

“GE HealthCare is devoted to providing cardiology solutions that support the continuum of care and personalize treatment around the world and certainly at outpatient facilities like Virtua Cardiology,” said Scott Stoddard, New York and Philadelphia Market Vice President at GE HealthCare. “The new Omni Legend PET/CT and Revolution Apex platform systems at Virtua represent meaningful improvements in cardiac imaging that can power clinical efficiencies and better patient outcomes.”

Achieving Efficiency and Consistency in Imaging
The Omni Legend PET/CT is an innovative technology built from the ground up to harness the power of an advanced digital detector capable of producing high-resolution images and exceptional image quality. This system delivers more than two times the sensitivity of prior digital scanners with a similar axial field of view [iii], enabling faster total scan times[iv] and increased small lesion detectability[v]. It is designed to help improve operational efficiency, enhance the patient experience, and deliver diagnostic confidence, ideally helping to enable improved patient outcomes.

Revolution Apex platform was also developed with operational efficiency in mind. Studying radiology departments’ entire workflows and identifying opportunities to simplify and streamline processes, GE HealthCare developed Effortless Workflow, which utilizes AI technologies to automate time-consuming tasks, from pre-scan to post-scan – helping to reduce clicks, save time, and achieve exceptional efficiency and consistency in imaging[vi]. Revolution Apex platform is also designed to produce high quality CT images TrueFidelity, an impressive image reconstruction technology that uses a dedicated Deep Neural Network to generate high-definition, low-noise CT images. TrueFidelity produces images with exceptional sharpness, low-contrast performance, and preferred noise texture, even with low dose.

About GE HealthCare Technologies Inc.
GE HealthCare is a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, dedicated to providing integrated solutions, services, and data analytics to make hospitals more efficient, clinicians more effective, therapies more precise, and patients healthier and happier. Serving patients and providers for more than 100 years, GE HealthCare is advancing personalized, connected, and compassionate care, while simplifying the patient’s journey across the care pathway. Together our Imaging, Ultrasound, Patient Care Solutions, and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics businesses help improve patient care from diagnosis, to therapy, to monitoring. We are a $19.6 billion business with 51,000 colleagues working to create a world where healthcare has no limits.

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  3. Omni Legend 32 cm has up to 2.2 increase in system sensitivity as compared to Discovery MI 25 cm. Measurement follows NEMA NU 2-2018.
  4. Up to 53% reduction of PET scan time on Omni Legend 32 cm compared to Discovery MI 25 cm, as demonstrated in phantom testing.
  5. Omni Legend 32 cm increases small lesion detectability 16% on average and up to 20%, as compared to Discovery MI 25 cm with matched scan time/injected dose, as demonstrated in phantom testing using a model observer with 4 mm lesions; average of different reconstruction methods.
  6. As demonstrated in a clinical evolution consisting of 60 cases and 9 physicians, where each case was reconstructed with both DLIR and ASiR-V and evaluated by 3 of the physicians. In 100% of the reads, DLIR's image sharpness was rated the same as or better than ASiR-V's. In 91% of the reads, DLIR's noise texture was rated better than ASiR-V's. This rating was based on each individual reader's preference.

Disclaimer: The statements by GE HealthCare’s customers described here are based on their own opinions and on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no “typical” hospital and many variables exist, i.e. hospital size, case mix, etc.. there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.