Virtua Introduces Innovative EMS Technology to the Region to Help Save Lives

Virtua remains at the forefront of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with innovative life-saving technology.  Its newest acquisition provides predictive analytics to identify and assign the fastest EMS resource using actual location and actual recommended route between a real-time Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) and the incident.  This technology allows Virtua EMS to provide the most efficient level of service for the communities Virtua serves.

During emergency response, three key factors are essential:  quality, safety and access.  Virtua considers it a very worthwhile investment of its own funds to enhance EMS services in the community.   For nearly 40 years Virtua EMS has served residents throughout South Jersey with excellent, award- winning care.  These new advances help EMS crews to help even more patients achieve positive outcomes. 

“Our new system is quite impressive,” said Scott Kasper, Virtua Assistant Vice President, Emergency Services.  “It gives us the ability to predict in real time where incidents are likely to happen based on historical demand, allowing us to deploy resources to those areas even before the 9-1-1 call is received.  We now have the ability to have a centralized system-control so that we can use all Virtua EMS resources seamlessly and efficiently in both Camden and Burlington counties.”

The unique factor is the ability to use basic human behavior and historical 9-1-1 system data to identify when and where emergencies are likely to occur, even before they happen.  This, combined with real time traffic data as well as driver behavior data, allows us to assign the MICU that will arrive at the scene most quickly to begin providing life-saving care.  Virtua EMS is the only service in South Jersey currently using this innovative technology.

“We look for new technology and new opportunities every day to enhance our services and save lives,” said Kasper.


March 8, 2017