Virtua Launches Center for Innovation

As one of New Jersey’s largest health systems, Virtua has long encouraged innovation across the organization. Now, Virtua is taking a major step to enhance these efforts by launching the Virtua Center for Innovation. This initiative will support and centralize the development of new technology and other advances -- such as new devices, software, mobile applications, and better work processes -- conceived by employees across the health system.

Moreover, the Center will house Virtua’s work with local and global partners to create an ecosystem from incubation to product delivery. 

“The Virtua Center for Innovation represents a strong new commitment by Virtua to develop significant advances in health care,” said Tom Gordon, MBA, Senior Vice President & CIO for Virtua. “It will foster an environment for health care professionals, partners, and entrepreneurs to develop solutions that support new models of care, and serve patients with the best technology and tools.”

The initiative is part of a national trend, and one of just a handful of health care innovation centers in the Delaware Valley.

While much of the Center’s work will focus on technology, it will also target health care processes and related challenges -- such as workflow redesign, changing care models, population health and consumerism.  

“Virtua has always been a leader in innovative thinking,” said Richard P. Miller, President and CEO of Virtua. “It’s in our DNA to continually develop improvements that help our community. In everything we do, the patient is always at the center, and the Virtua Center for Innovation will operate the same way.”

For example, Virtua is currently looking at artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and other technologies that enhance the provider-patient connection. The Virtua Center for Innovation will provide a pathway to develop these advances.

As healthcare continues to transform, Virtua will incorporate many of these leading-edge technologies into patient and clinical workflows enhancing the delivery of care and the patient experience. 

“The Virtua Center for Innovation will serve as a destination to test, develop and deploy technology to best support the hospital of the future,” said Alfred Campanella, Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Growth and Analytics for Virtua. 

Ultimately, the Center will address multiple goals, noted Adam Glasofer, MD, MSHI, Associate Medical Director of Informatics for Virtua.

“The Virtua Center for Innovation will allow us to create a culture of innovation among our employees, medical staff members, and the South Jersey community,” said Glasofer. “Most important, this type of innovative thinking and operation will help Virtua to achieve the quadruple aim of better outcomes, lower costs, an improved patient experience, and a better clinician experience.”


August 31, 2017