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Virtua Patient Family Advisory Councils – Here for Your Voice

Patient Family Advisory Councils – abbreviated and known as PFACs – are made up of members from our communities, which means you! They are are designed as a way for your voice to be heard to improve the experience of anyone who walks through Virtua’s doors. Members, or advisors, are our partners in providing feedback and offering guidance to improve the quality of our hospital care, procedures, and processes, as well as experiences in any Virtua medical practice or facility. 

Virtua has Patient Family Advisory Councils for our hospital campuses, emergency department facilities, and our medical group practices within the Virtua Health System. Each council meets quarterly in a hybrid format of in-person and virtual options, where advisors and council members gather, share, and learn about best practices to improve patient experiences, quality, and outcomes.

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The Purpose of Patient Family Advisory Councils

Virtua Health’s Patient and Family Advisory Councils are committed to continuously improving your health care experience. We do this by partnering with patients, families, and caregivers to enhance safety, excellence and empathy for all (Everybody, Always). Virtua’s advisory councils represent the communities we serve and a forum to elevate voices and transform your experience. Our purpose is to:


  • Involve patients and their families to participate in the policy and program decision making for Virtua Health
  • Facilitate communication between patients, families, and healthcare providers to encourage patient-centered care
  • Gain continuous feedback of patient satisfaction, safety, and quality of care
  • Engage Virtua Health with the surrounding communities of our campuses

What Happens at a Patient Family Advisory Council Meeting

Each council holds a 2-hour, quarterly meeting (4x a year). Typical activities include:


  • Updates on current projects and improvements
  • Identifying needs and concerns
  • Participating in group discussions to talk about thoughts on how Virtua can improve our care, quality, safety, and services
  • Work on short-term local PFAC and other overarching Virtua projects to improve patient experience

How Can I Join a Patient Family Advisory Council at Virtua?

We are looking for community members that have a sincere and genuine interest in committing to partnering with Virtua Health to provide the best patient experiences possible.

You can submit an application for membership on a council if you are 18 or over and if you or a family member have received care at a Virtua hospital or Virtua practice in the last two years. There are no special qualifications needed to be an advisor. However, you should be:


  • A patient or family member with a mix of good and not-so-good experiences to share
  • Comfortable speaking in a group
  • Able to use personal experiences and ideas constructively
  • Able to listen to differing opinions and experiences
  • Committed to partnering with Virtua Health to improve patient experiences for a term of two years
  • Able to attend four meetings per year (hybrid – onsite and virtual through our platform)

While we are always accepting new members, we do limit the number of participants in each council to make our sessions productive. Once you submit an application, our councils will review and be in touch with you.

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Become a PFAC Advisor


If you have been referred by someone or are interested in becoming a Patient Family Advisory Council Member, please fill out an application here.