Virtua Health Connect

Virtua Health Connect Description
Virtua Health Connect is a personal health care mobile app and web portal that delivers an individualized experience for Virtua Health patients by connecting you to helpful information and resources related to your specific health care conditions and care – from tips and detailed articles to important appointment information, screening reminders, follow-up care and more. Journeys are available for certain health conditions.
We understand that there is a lot of information to process when managing your health, especially if your condition involves multiple decisions and ongoing appointments. Virtua Health Connect makes it easy and convenient for you to access that information in one place and on your schedule. 
Virtua Health Connect features:
  • Get notifications when you have new articles to read, including content and information tailored to your specific needs
  • Find your provider information and access directly through our click-to-call links
  • Access your MyChart electronic health records quickly and easily from a link within the app
  • Get tips approved by your Virtua care team
  • Access other resources relevant to your needs
  • Share articles with family and friends
  • And more
Virtua Health Connect puts your complete health care experience right at your fingertips.


Frequently Asked Questions
To access frequently asked questions for current journeys available through Virtua Health Connect, please download here:
How to Get Support:
For support questions or general comments concerning our Virtua Health Connect Journey Manager, please email us at: Be  sure to include a brief description of your question/need and the best way to be contacted.
Virtua Health Connect Terms and Conditions and Privacy Information:
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