Online Care Just Clicks Away

Virtua Health offers online telehealth appointments for urgent care as well as in many primary and specialty care areas. These remote, virtual visits allow you to receive expert care from anywhere.

Our online, live-video appointments are conducted through apps that utilize the highest levels of security and encryption to ensure your privacy. While you can use these programs on your personal computer, they are best experienced on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Three Ways to Connect to Care


Urgent Care - Telehealth Visit

Access online care now from an urgent care provider for certain minor medical conditions or consultations for Covid-19.

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Call Us 24/7

If you need routine care with your health care provider, call 888-847-8823 or chat with a personal health navigator who can set up your telemedicine appointment.

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Online Visit with Your Provider

Start here to prepare for your virtual visit with the right apps and any paperwork, prior to appointment day. You can also begin your scheduled visit here.

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If you are having serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, severe abdominal pain, or you have a serious injury, call 911 immediately.